2016 Election Bedtime Story By Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s finally election day. Hurray, yuppy, and, by God, the nightmare has reached the finish line. Somehow, America has survived this topsy-turvy walk through a madhouse. An election that once more proves that Capitol Hill Politics and the push for the grand seat have less to do with capacity, morals, and common sense, and far too much with the ways of clandestine knife fights. The Election Bedtime Story By Benedict Cumberbatch ties all those nexus and gory details in a nice fairy dust-laced bow.

The saga of the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections seems like a free-for-all baked and served by the good lads in HBO.

Forget Westworld, and their robot orgies. Away into the night, Game Of Thrones, with your decapitations and whatnots….U.S. politics is moorland rife with all manners of sexual exploits and violent confrontations; season worth of eye dropping plot twists.

Well, “The Late, Late Show With James Corden,” has tossed in a final jab to the drama. The Election Bedtime Story By Benedict Cumberbatch is a tiny sum of all those maddening bits from the last two years. A Peter Rabbit reconstruction with Big Orange Monsters, Computer Trolls, and even the vilified “News Fox.”

It is a perfect reminder of the one true thing this race will leave the American People. Food and fodder for every comedian and stand-up pundit in the United States. Hours of SNL repeated views and Patton Oswald routines waiting to rear their ugly heads. A lifetime of wacky memories and the capacity to tell our offspring about that time when America stared into the void and the void stared back and offered up a dose of quality grade LSD. Tomorrow we will have all of that, except a President we are willing to jump into the fire for.

Alec Baldwin summarized this race in his last SNL skid. “Mister Trump, everyone can see your Tweets.” Looking straight into the camera, mucked up and masked as Trump, suddenly realizing that his Twitter account wasn’t private and that each of his tweets had garnered international fame, he turned to Hillary and said:

“Really… And I’m still in this thing? America you most really hate this lady.”

Hillary, deadpan,

“they do…”



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