Suicide Squad Trailer 2


Less than four minutes ago, the internet broke. It had one of those hissy fits that executives go bonkers over when they make projections. The sort of big time, oh mama we crapped out gold and now the world is our oyster, spectacle. If the turnout for this trailer is any indication, then there’s no denying it, this year DC Comics will be able to afford that third world country it has always wanted.

During Tuesday night’s “Dawn Of Justice” special on the tele, Kevin Smith – the guru’s guru to nerds – presented the second trailer to this highly anticipated film. Once more, it’s a clear contrast between comic book companies and their editorial decisions. Suicide Squad, this summer’s blockbuster to watch, flicks its finger up at the competition (Marvel) and starts to really join the superhero free-for-all that has swept the theaters these last few years. DC Comics may be starting a bit late, but it’s starting off with a napalm rocket strapped to its heels.

It’s pulling out all the stops and giving the public what its wants. In this case, the public demanded no slow burn. They aren’t waiting for a sequel with a mere mention after the credits in the first film, for the payoff. Suicide Squad joins the fracas with the likes of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Crock and fan favorite, and voted the best villain of all time, THE JOKER.

Expectations are running high, as well as the classical bitching by the Heath Ledger society, as to the iconic knave’s new look and take. Will the Clown Prince of Crime once more be able to redefine himself, or will he come out wanting? Me, personally, I really don’t give a hoot, as long as Margot Robbie keeps showing off those perfect stems in that kinky outfit. Jared Leto may go hog wild with his Liberace take on psycho.

Oh, by the way, just like in the first trailer, the teaser’s editor took a page from “The Guardians Of The Galaxy’s” handbook and resorted to a heavy use of a classic rock anthem. In this case, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” might have been spot on or simply a desperate gamble at garnering attention.

My opinion? If DC keeps this up, it will soon find itself without any source material, by blowing its wad, with big production numbers and their best characters, right out of the gate.

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