Vacation Destinations for the Single Man


No, contrary to popular belief, not all travel destinations for single men are the same by any means. Just like not all hot spots to visit are the same for women.

Men and women like different things. That being said, there are certainly places that are more accommodating to you single men out there. They’re tailored more towards your interests and will leave you having the best vacation of all time.

Most of these highly sought-after travel destinations are perfect for single guys looking to either have a great time being single, or for those of you looking to meet up and have a vacation fling!


I know what you’re thinking, “London isn’t a great place for single men!” But you’re wrong. London is just oozing things for single men to do. For you history buffs out there, you can hit up multiple museums in one day, but still head out on the town at night.

London has a huge nightlife and it’s full of people who really know how to party! If you’re not too into the nightclub scene, there are plenty of other options including whiskey tastings and so many different food joints you won’t even know what to do!

Puerto Rico

If you’re into tropical weather, friendly people, and parties that don’t stop until the sun comes up, then Puerto Rico is definitely the place for you. You can hit the beach by day and enjoy all of the lovely women, and hit the town by night and party all night long.

One other highlight of this top destination for single men is that it’s known widely for its cigar culture. You can go to a number of different cigar tastings and enjoy the culture that accompanies it.

Ibiza, Spain

If there’s one thing Spain is known for – other than their beautiful women – it is the night club scene. This bumping island is in the Mediterranean Sea, just a short 49 miles off the coast of Valencia. You’ll be completely surrounded by the sea and people who really know how to party.

Aside from the hot partying scene, there are all sorts of adventures on the island. You’ll never be bored with all of the clubs, hip hotels, outgoing locals, beautiful babes, and even the topless women who tend some of the bars out there.


All you single beer lovers out there, what better place to be than Ireland? There’s beer ‘o plenty out there! There are also plenty of people out there that are looking to help you have a great time.

Drinking isn’t the only way a single man can enjoy this country. If you’re looking to learn something, take a brewery tour. There are many different ones to choose from. Those of you into golfing will find some of the most beautiful courses to try out as well.

Las Vegas, Nevada

You didn’t think I forgot this one, did you? This nocturnal city has everything a single man would be looking for; drinks, gambling, hot women, and a good time. After all, it’s not called “sin city” for no reason, am I right?

Miami, Florida

Long beaches and beautiful girl; what more could a single man want on a vacation? Miami is full of them! Although a bit pricier, renting a boat and hitting the water is a sure way to make sure you have a great time on vacation.

Heading out to the beach, grabbing a few hotties, and bringing them back to said boat is basically a surefire way to get some action on your single man vacation. The strip clubs are also full of long-legged, tan ladies just waiting for you to fund their poor decisions.

Melbourne, Australia

Little known fact about Australia; they know how to drink. Nightlife in Australia is unlike any other place out there. Single men will thrive and they have a whole slew of hot, single ladies with accents that will make them melt!

If you’re looking for adventures beyond the nightlife, one thing you’ll have to check out is the street art. Melbourne is filled with unique and truly amazing street art all throughout the city. You’ll also want to have your fair share of visits to different restaurants. Melbourne is very diverse with its culture, so you’ll get to try a little bit of everything with an Australian twist!

Yukon Territory, Canada

For those of you single men who are into the hunting and fishing scene, this is the place to go. There are plenty of different places you can thrive in your manliness that you can really only enjoy while single. With a ridiculous amount of lakes available to fish on, you’ll always have somewhere new to go if the fish in your lake just aren’t biting.

Montreal, Canada

Canada may not seem like the most exciting place to go. But Montreal holds a little secret that makes it one of the best travel destinations for those single men out there. What’s that secret? It’s known for its strip clubs!

That’s right. They are far and wide and the lap dances are cheap! You’ll find many strip clubs littered throughout this nightlife-driven destination. What’s better than getting some cheap lap dances?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

We all know that Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. You can sprawl out on the beach and enjoy many of these women prancing around in thong bikinis and sad excuses for tops. Luckily for you, it’s perfect eye candy!

One little known secret about Brazil is about that it’s almost a custom for you to walk the beaches and mingle with some locals until somebody invites you to a luxurious party. And believe me, someone will!

Sosua, Dominican Republic

You single men looking for other single ladies had better visit this thriving singles location. This destination actually thrives off of the single men that visit the establishments there. This means that the women working at hotels, restaurants, and bars wait on single men hand and foot! You’ll feel like a king visiting Sosua, Dominican Republic.


Vacationing as a single man has never been made easier. These locations are made for single men just looking for a great time!

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