Year of the Monkey: Businesses Rejoice


It’s February, the second month of the year and I wish you Happy New Year again! No! I am not late with my New Year wishes instead I am talking about the Lunar New year or better called the Chinese New Year.

The new year for nearly twenty percent of total population of the world and being an essential part of the Asian culture,the  Chinese New Year already hit the supermarkets, malls and restaurants days before its commencement.

February 8 brought you the inauguration of a new chapter in Asian life, another chance to initiate new commitments, improvements and enthusiasm in their lives, in case you missed the start of calendar year! And guess what? This year is the Monkey year and according to Chinese astrology this year is a profitable year for new businesses. So no matter if you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a great industrialist, this is your year.

Chinese astrology proposes a repetitive cycle of 12 years where each year is associated with an animal. These twelve animals in the mandatory series includes the rat portraying its “alertness and wit”, the ox displaying its “hardworking character”, the tiger representing “bravery”, the rabbit being “the easily approachable one”, the dragon exposing “its fearlessness”, the snake showing “cunning”, the horse, depicting its “ambitious characteristics”, the sheep representing “gentle natures”, the monkey symbolizing “witty nature”, the rooster portraying its “faithfulness”, the dog presenting its “loyalty”, and the pig exhibiting its “trusting” nature.

If you are wondering what animal you are, calculate it by starting from the year 1948. Babies born this year are under the rat year. Now keep adding 12 years to find the next rat year. Similarly 1949 babies were born as oxen, 1950 as tigers, 1951 as rabbits and so on as per the sequence mentioned above.

If Chinese mythology is to be trusted, babies born on those particular years mark the characteristics of that animal along with the traits of one of the five elements. Year 2016 is predicted to be a Monkey year and associated with the element “Fire”.  As per the astrological calculations, the current year is an amazing year for new business ventures.

I am not a hardcore believer of astrology but still I get fascinated by the assumptions and reasons provided. As far as its not harmful, I wouldn’t mind believing them. For instance 2009 when people were losing their jobs and it was a great recession time, Chinese astrology suggested it to be an Oxen year, where an ox symbolizes working hard in the fields.

However a monkey year is considered to be enlightened with energy and positivism. If you think about the characteristic traits of a monkey, it is a witty animal with quick reflexes. In addition to that it is lively, playful and wise. And hence 2016 is going to be a great year for those who are willing to start new businesses, especially small business individuals. If you are willing to begin a new chapter in business, this is your year.

You never know, maybe the signs have been there for decades!

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