Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and the list continues! These social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. Life seems hard without them now. Surveys and analysis have also revealed shocking figures about the increasing number of people sharing their lives on virtual media via social networking websites.

Yes! This is an old news.

We all know it and have read several articles regarding the same points. We also have well accepted and adapted it into our lifestyle. However, I have got something new to add to it. It’s hot and it’s trending! Something that forecasts the adaptation of social media in our professional lives in near future.

No! No! I am not talking about the random stuff we have all done so far like clicking and sharing your colleague’s sleeping picture on social media and tagging your boss. Neither I am pointing at being friends with co-workers on social media and getting into trouble, like if you faked being sick and then accidentally posted pics of yourself at a theme park. Nor am I talking about taking all the frustrations of a mean boss in your profile posts.

These are trivial compared to what I have got for you.

So the big news is the introduction of ‘real professional connects’ through social media.

Recent assessments and breakdowns have found that more than a third of employers of reputable companies are also seeking the help of social media to select candidates for job interview.

That was unusual.  Wasn’t it?

Let me say it in this way. Recent instances have pointed to the fact that many big multinational companies check on social media profiles of candidates after an interview to help make a decision on who to select. In one case a candidate was hired as a General Manager straight away after those in charge of hiring agreed with his choices of movies and books he liked on Facebook. Another one was hired as a social media adviser on the basis of witty captions she uses on each of her Instagram pictures, and a smart girl on Twitter was selected as media adviser by the way she re-tweets and handles her critics.

Isn’t it fascinating?


Such examples have forced the internet watchers to lay the foundation of a new term called the ” Digital Etiquette”. Now what does that mean? The term simply means adapting your ways on your social media profile, portraying your logical self, and being wise with the use of language and media you post – especially in your public posts.

So if you are one of the job hunters and are imagining yourself being selected from the amazing thoughts you put in your social media profile, think again!

This new upgrade in the professional and social media connection is also bringing in a huge responsibility along with it. Now you need to be very cautious about what you put on your social media or you should probably review your public privacy settings again and in a way to just show your professional and intellectual side to your potential employers. You might also have to limit the use of the foul language on social media, especially in your public posts. Also, commenting about how bad your ex-boss or the ex-job was should be banned from your page – no matter what!

On a positive note, social media can turn into a professional support system as well. This actually might help in getting  deserving candidates and real talent a chance to portray their skills to the world, by enjoying real time feedback from coworkers  and associates in real time.

“The social media game is on! May the best man and the best women win.”


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