Why Fear Is Your Best Friend


Ask any entrepreneur. Fear will be something they have dealt with from the beginning of their journey. Fear transforms itself through every stage of your entrepreneurial career. At the beginning it will be:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Is my idea any good?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • Should I leave my stable job?

There is only one way to accurately answer these questions. Do it!

There is no way to know if you’ll succeed without fighting your fear and hunting down your dreams. Now, I’m not saying you should have an idea on a Sunday evening and then walk into work on Monday and give your boss the middle finger. Although satisfying, it’s a terrible idea.

Research. Research. Research. Learn. Learn. Learn.

Turn your idea into a viable business plan. Research the industry. Are you already in this industry? If not, learn and study. If you are, still learn and study! Still have to work your 9-5? So? Get up at 5am, work on your business plan and strategy. Begin to set the foundations. Go to work. Come home and get back to it.

Your buddy’s want you to go to a bar after work? What’s more important? If it’s the bar, maybe entrepreneurship isn’t for you. Being an entrepreneur means making sacrifices. Missing that party. Not seeing those friends every night of the week. It’s about putting your head down and creating your dream. There’ll be plenty of time to party once you’ve built your empire. Would you rather pull up to the club tonight in a cab or pull up in 5 years in a Rolls?


So, you’ve set your foundation and you’re ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. You believe in your idea. You know you’re good enough. You’re focused to be a work machine. You’ve built up enough momentum to leave your day job.

Does the fear go? Nope.

Now fear manifests itself in different ways.

  • I now have no fall back.
  • What if this client leaves?
  • What if I don’t get new clients?
  • What if I can’t pay the bills?

Many people see fear as a negative. The art of being an entrepreneur is using fear as a positive.

Fear will get your ass out of bed at 5am. Fear will force you to make those extra sales calls at the end of a long day. Fear will keep you working after your competition has gone to sleep. Fear will make you want to be the best.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you might as well get used to that fear because no matter how successful you are, the fear will always be there. Your company that once paid your bills will one day be paying the bills of possibly hundreds of people. By this time, your fear will be like a welcome shot of caffeine in the morning.

So, what is fear?

Fear is your greatest tool. Fear is your best friend. Without fear you can get complacent. Fear is the defining factor of your success. Embrace it, use it, and ironically, don’t be afraid of it!

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