Tricks for selling your first impression



Have you ever heard the saying: “that man can sell ice to an eskimo?”
Seen those type of individuals that, with the merest of suggestions can persuade anybody to do act according to his wishes? You’re constantly asking yourself: how do they do it?
They’re not outwardly manipulative; they’re not entirely keen and witty; they’re not humungous suck-ups or sycophants. What’s their secret? What makes them so successful? What’s their trick?
Well, here are a few of those keys, to selling a drowning man a life preserver.

Make it personal:

it’s imperative to start building bridges on common ground. To find some link between each other. Some personal detail, hobby, passion, joke or remembrance that you can share outside of business. Kids; wives; mistress; movies; sports. Anything that ties you together and creates a rapport.


first meetings are essential. The general doctrine underlines the idea of Home Field Advantage. Well, nowadays, the norm has switched to the opposite. Let him pick the arena of your one on one encounter. He’ll believe he’s getting the upper hand, but a savvy opponent – like yourself – will know how to read his decision. He’ll be giving you a private glimpse into his world. Refer to rule number one, and you’ll have the tactical advantage.

Body language:

your posture says it all. You have to look confidant, beaming with reassurance and cool as a cucumber. Legs crossed; hands by your side, preferably on an arm rest; back against the chair. Open and nonchalant. Speak low, and make him lean in to catch your measured cadences.
Define a need: find what area of his life requires your expertise. Sell them an improvement or something they are lacking.
Keep your emotions in check:

stay calm, never let your sentiments show their ugly little heads. Don’t get wrapped up in the drama of existence; leave your baggage at home.
Don’t come on strong: don’t be a pain. Negotiations are tangos, you lead, you press, you let go, you relinquish control, you step sideways, but you never impose yourself forcefully. This is a seduction. Sometimes you have to give in order to receive and always be flexible; learn to adjust to any change in tempo.

Be like the Inquisitive monkey George:

you may not know all the answers, but you have to know all the possible questions and hesitations that might spring up. Be curious about your work. Put yourself in the client’s place and know what discomforts or indecisiveness may oscillate into his brain pan.

Tell a story:

give them a vision, a fantasy, give them a narrative. Don’t just sell them the product or the idea, sell them the lifestyle it will bring.
Broaden your vocabulary: add verbs, adverbs and adjectives to your everyday speech. The “thingy”, and the “other part”, or the hand waving mime act, are not proper ways of communication. Don’t go into a meeting with the converse acuity of a drunk jock.

Be yourself:

never play games, be genuine; not a lie. Just be the best you possible… Improve your innate qualities, sharpen your skills. Confidence is something you develop with practice and repetition. Get some wins under your belt.


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