2015 is over and a new year is upon us. Social media is flooded with “New year, new me” posts. Resolutions are fresh in everyone’s minds and motivation is high. Is your resolution to take a leap into the abyss and start your own businesses? If so, how do you ensure your resolution lasts beyond February and is a success?

Go All In

Life is busy and time is precious and for majority of new entrepreneurs you don’t have the gift of huge investors and a ready-made client base. So the chances are you’ll begin your journey with a day job. Hey, you’ve got to pay your bills, right?

In this instance, going “all in” doesn’t mean walk into work, flip your desk and walk out ready to make your millions building your empire. As great as that sounds, it just doesn’t happen. What it means is committing yourself to your new venture outside your “bill paying hours.”

Do you like a weekend at the bar with the guys? Yeah, that’s out.

Big fan of relaxing after a long day at the office with binge sessions on Netflix? Save yourself $8.99 and cancel that subscription.

Late riser that wakes just in time to shower, grab a slice of toast, and make it to your desk at 8:59 am? Get a better alarm.

We are at stage one and this is where most people fail. Why? Because making yourself a success takes a huge amount of sacrifice. If you do an 8 hour shift at the day job, that leaves 16 hours for you to build your empire. Get used to red eyes and lack of sleep, because at this stage, that’s what it takes.

Wake up early, work on your dream before you go and work on someone else’s. Come home and continue to work and the weekends are yours to REALLY work!

Can you do that? If so, you’re committed to success and you’re ahead of 99% of the population.

Set Small Solid Targets

Too many people enter the world of entrepreneurialism and their target is “make a million dollars in 12 months.” True, it does and has happened, but it is extremely rare. A million dollars in one year doesn’t seem like a huge amount for a business.

Until you break it down.

In order to achieve this, you’re going to have to go from zero to $83,333 from month one and continue at this level throughout the year. Obviously companies grow, but to hit a million bucks in 12 months is unrealistic. What happens when you set unrealistic targets? You miss them, you get disappointed, you question why you’re doing it, and you give up.

Set yourself realistic targets. Monthly, quarterly and annually. Micro-targets will be achievable and with each success your motivation and belief will grow. Micro-targets will soon add up and you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come.

Make them visible. Post-it notes are your friend. Stick your targets on your bedroom wall, your refrigerator, and your home office. Everywhere. These are your targets and daily reminders will solidify them in your mind. Each target you hit, take down the Post-it, place it in a scrapbook, and put up a new one.

Why keep a scrapbook with your achieved targets? Because you are going to have set backs and when you do, go to your scrapbook and see all that you’ve achieved so far. It will far outweigh the setbacks.

Know Your Industry

One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is they’re experts in their fields and they continue to learn even when they’re making millions. You can never have too much knowledge. Educating yourself will ensure you’re growing as well as your business. You don’t want your business to outgrow you, if that happens you aren’t the person that should be running it. Read, research, monitor your competition, go the extra mile. Remember, your competition is working hard to take your clients. You need to be working harder to keep yours and take theirs.

Every Decision Is Critical

A single decision can mean the difference between a huge step forward and a giant step backwards. Part of being an entrepreneur is taking calculated, educate,d risks and making solid decisions based on research and experience. Be critical and be precise.

Choose wisely who you work with, time is a precious commodity that cannot be regained. Work with those who you truly believe have the same goals and ambitions as you and more importantly, show you that they are willing to work just as hard as you to achieve it. Everyone has big dreams. What separates those that wish, and those that achieve, is sacrifice and hard work. You can waste countless dollars and countless months or years if you entrust someone with your company’s progression and they either don’t have the will or the skill to deliver the results.

Be Resilient

You’re going to get “No’s” and you’re going to get people who don’t believe in your dream. Just remember that a single “Yes” will make up for hundreds off “No’s” and every person that hates on your dream is one more person you will prove wrong.

It’s not going to be a smooth road and it will test you. But if you are committed and keep your belief, you will succeed and it will all be worth it.

Hold Yourself Responsible

If your business isn’t where you hoped it would be don’t look for others to blame. You’re in charge of this journey and if it’s not going as it should, then it’s your fault.

Can you work an extra couple of hours a day?

Or send a few more emails?

Focus your attention more where it’s needed even if it’s out of your comfort zone.

Even if it’s not directly your fault, you made the decision to allow that person to be a part of your journey. Learn from it, move on, and continue. Don’t waste time being angry or frustrated. You’ve got an empire to build.

Now, get yourself to the stationary store and get yourself some Post-it notes!

Remember, it will be worth it in the end.


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