The Price of Success


Speaking to successful entrepreneurs on a daily basis, there is one thing that the majority of them have in common; how their success is perceived by their peers. This is especially true in the early days of their success.

We have all been on social media and one of your friends posts photos of their new hatchback, new 2 bed 2 bath house, or a holiday to a nice 4 star hotel in Paris.

Attainable success will get you appreciation.

Attainable success will get you appreciation.

How do their friends react?

100’s of likes and comments in the vein of “wow that looks great. Congrats!”

Now, when someone succeeds, the story can be very different. You’ve worked twenty-hour days, seven days a week, sacrificed any luxury for years. You’re now benefiting from your sacrifices. Your business is booming, you have disposable income and decide (for all your sacrifices, sacrifices few people on the planet are willing to make) you will reward yourself.

Why not? You’ve earned it!

You buy your first Ferrari or Lamborghini and upgrade your modest house to a 6 bedroom 4 bath, with a pool. The whole nine.

You’re proud of your efforts. You’re drained from the sacrifice and the grind and this is your reward. You decide to post photos of your new car and new house on your social media pages for your friends to see. Why wouldn’t you? They have all done it when they’ve bought something new.

You expect congratulations and people praising your hard work.

The reality, in the most part, you’ll get a couple of likes and comments from your closest friends. The rest, well they’ll call you a show off. Maybe not to your face, but they will. They’ll talk about how you think you’re better than them now.


Because you’ve done exactly what everyone else has done. But everyone else’s “success” is attainable for all. It’s a few extra hours a week overtime or that one promotion. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of the hardest workers I’ve met work for someone else and that’s great. They love the security.

Your success, your $200,000 supercar and million-dollar house aren’t attainable for these people, as they don’t have the drive you have. They won’t make the sacrifices you have and they won’t take the risks. People are intimidated by success.

But, greater, unattainable success will be met with envy.

But, greater, unattainable success will be met with envy.

Their mentality is, somebody showing a photo of something they can achieve is great and they are happy for that person. But you, with your expensive luxuries, that’s showing off. When, in reality, both are exactly the same. Both are people proud of their achievement and giving themselves the opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle with luxuries, albeit on different scales.

What should you do?

It’s simple. Surround yourself with people who:

A) Inspire you to be better

B) Support your growth and success

C) Are inspired, not jealous of, your achievements.

Your circle should consist of 3 things:

Small. Loyal. Motivated.

Success breeds success.

You want success? Surround yourself with it. Immerse yourself in it. And most importantly don’t limit yourself in order to please those who aren’t on your journey.

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