The Power Of Choice

Power of Choice

The ongoing trend of following the “flock of sheep” is making us forget about our ability to choose our choices. We are more and more being pushed towards the limited options within “I have to” rather than the liberating actions of “I choose to”.
Our own lives are surely littered with examples. Many of us choose a career which was never an actual choice. We do it just because we hope it opens a larger number of options in the future, and pays the bills for now.  We are reactionary to our environment and we sell today for the promise of tomorrow. This mentality proves how we are being pushed to choose options influenced by the established Powers in our daily lives.  The sad part is that many of these influences only have power because we allow them to have it.  We would rather be led down a path rather than make our own choices and be held accountable for the outcome.
Like when you feed an animal in the wild, and then it refuses to hunt, this is learned helplessness. Another example is that of a mathematically challenged child that tries and fails at every attempt and then finally accepts total failure in mathematics (or whatever endeavor). In these instances, the old adage of “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” is never more apropos.
By choosing the options that are dictated to us by those established Powers we not only surrender our ability to choose but follow preset paths that have endings which are not forged by us and so are nor for us.  In the same way you cannot let your past decide your future, you cannot let paths, with all of their dead-ends, be your only way out of the jungle.  You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves, pick a direction, and hack your own pathway to success.
Though choices are hard and it is challenging to oversee the “influences”, it ultimately allows you to be more free. To be free one needs to believe in free-will, first. Then you will gradually develop the ability to choose in every sphere of the life.

In the end you will have only yourself to blame, or thank, for the outcome.  In either case, where you go from here, at least for this very moment – the choice is yours.

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