The catalyst for success

"Robert The Bruce Crowned King of Scots" by Kim Traynor
"Robert The Bruce Crowned King of Scots" by Kim Traynor

Inspiration acts as a catalyst in the equation of life to obtain the final product called “success”. While I was browsing the internet on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was interrupted by my ‘sixth-standard’- nephew (sixth grade), asking me the meaning of ‘catalyst’.

“The additional substance that boosts the rate of a chemical reaction,” I said. Then I started scrolling down on my google search. Hence came the enlightening ‘catalyst’ moment that ‘inspired’ me to produce this article. My words echoed in my brain, this time in a simpler form. A catalyst substance actually is an encouragement for a reaction to triumph into its ultimate state, it’s an inspiration! We all have dreams, ambitions, and visions and wish for them to turn into reality.

Many of us even take a step or two towards our dreams but ‘give up’ tasting failure once or twice. Though we wholeheartedly wanted to become what we had dreamt of since our childhood, we surrender easily. We declare ourselves non-deserving or simply blame fortune. The reason for this is the lack of catalyst, inspiration or enthusiasm!

Success never comes easy, it is the path of walking from failure to failure without lacking enthusiasm! And how to keep up the enthusiasm and stay motivated towards our goal in-spite of multiple failures and disappointments? The answers lies within yourself. The first thing is possession of a positive attitude.  As with the saying that symbolizes a negative attitude as a flat tyre, you are not heading further until you fix it. Mend your approach and get ready to start optimistically!

After you fix your tyres and are back on your journey, ask yourself about your ‘exact’ destination and the reason behind it. Soon the fog of ‘why’ will be cleared from the windscreen of your thoughts and so the path will be more clear. This will aid you with the recognition of your eventual goal and will ignite the inner fire of attaining it. It is vital to travel more often in the right general direction to cut the risk of getting ‘lost’. Forecasting your steps, and assigning milestones for yourself, act as a navigation system that will instruct you ahead towards your target -eliminating all the distractions on the way.

And finally when you are all set to live up to your dream, it is crucial to keep up the catalyst. Stay motivated irrespective of the disappointments and failures waiting for you on your way. Remember, in Scottish history, if the spider being observed by Robert the Bruce (when he sought refuge in the cave) would have given up after falling twice, she would have never been an inspirational catalyst for Bruce and helped him win the Battle of Bannockburn.
History is full of examples. Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi etc, each one of them fought back in-spite of numerous failures and at last attained what they wanted.
Lets talk about a man we can all relate to. If the father of Apple (Steve Jobs) would have given up after being disappointed several times, none of us would have been able to brag about our iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch today. Apple is a reality as Steve kept himself unaffected by obstacles such as being given up for adoption by biological parents, being thrown out of college, eating free food outside of a temple in India, starting his computer company in a garage, being thrown out by the very CEO he appointed and the list goes on. Instead he maximized his ‘catalyst’ and turned the ugly bit of every chapter’s end into an astonishing silver-lining for the next one.
There is just a faded line separating dreams from reality. The key is to stay motivated, to work even harder every time you fail, to never stop until you touch your success.

“Stop not till the goal is reached !” -Katha Upanishad

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