Starting An Online Business: Get Set For Success


One fine evening, while browsing through the ‘internet’, something raided my mind! The instant reaction of this sudden ‘raid’ was me getting curious about my next ‘keyword’ to be googled – “the internet”. Goggle brings me this page that described the internet as “publically accessible, series of interconnected computer networks, transmitting data using packet switching with the assistance of an average internet protocol”.

I re-read “publically accessible, series of interconnected computer networks” Is it just that? No, we all know it is much-much more than that. The internet has become a vital part of our lives today. No matter, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, whatever we want, the initial answer for every question is “look on the internet”. Let it be looking for quick hunger-buster-online-delivery/takeaway menu or booking quick-fix movie tickets for an angry girlfriend, arranging a bouquet delivery for forgotten mum-dad anniversary or simply looking into your bank transactions after shopping online, everything is just clicks away.

These all are benefits of the internet that we are all aware about. So what is my point? Let’s go through my statement again, benefits of the internet”, but beneficial for whom?  Of course to the users, but also to the business owners of the bigger or smaller takeaway-delivery restaurant you selected, the cinema hall or multiplex you booked the movie ticket from, the little flower shop that helped you make-up for your forgetfulness or online shopping stores, and even your bank.  The world is full of instances how the internet has proven to be a boon for smaller or large businesses and their expansions.

Get a domain name, build a website, keep updating it and you are all set to reach a larger audience, sitting in the comfort of your home over a nice and cozy couch. Isn’t it amazing? In addition to be a business-buster, it can also act as a virtual office for you, in the worst scenarios if you shifted cities or lost your office in some unavoidable natural disaster, you don’t have to be scared about losing your customers. You can always start again on the internet.

But is it easier to grow as a business on the internet, considering the fact that there are hundreds of similar business entities struggling to grow in your area? Here are some quick tips to begin with to turn the internet into a blessing for yourself and your business.


  • Planning: Making plans initially is the beginning of successful tasks. Before launching the website, plan the objective of your business and the type of services you want to provide to the customer. Think about the commitments that you will be making on the website and make sure, you fulfill them all. Plan the content of the website and extra services that you will make available to your customers through the website like feedback forms, online bookings and discounts, attractive offers etc. After creating your master plan, you are ready to go to the next step.
  • Plotting: Plot well after researching well. Now when you know what exactly you want from your website, it’s time to design it. Research well the available domains that can suit your business and can help if grow.  Get to know about various internet platforms in which the website can be built and which one will suit both your business and your pocket. After this, you need to hire a developer, unless you are an IT geek and know how to do it yourself. Talk about the whole look of the website with the developer including the various Tabs, Menus, and Buttons you want on your website. Make advance decisions about the total number of pages, background colours and designs, fonts etc. to avoid last minute hassles. One of the important things to confirm is the price and availability of the developer, especially if you need him in the future to make alterations to your websites.
  • Action: Now you are ready to launch your masterpiece in front of the world. Make sure you advertise a lot before the launch through social media pages, posters at your business locations, or giving out brochures. Do anything you can to create word of mouth advertising. This is to create excitement among the customers. Make sure your website and available offers live up to their expectations. After the launch, the advertising will help your website gain the required internet traffic and ultimately bring you customers.

Following the above action plan can turn into a boon for your business and give it the required kick to be a hit! So what are you waiting for “get–set–go online!”


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