Reach For The Sky: Penthouse

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Whether it’s football players, hip-hop moguls or businessmen with cash to burn, the penthouse is firmly set as the crown jewel in every wealthy guy’s property arsenal.

Why is everyone reaching for the sky?

Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and go read the newspaper overlooking Miami from 45 floors up? Someone with severe vertigo, I guess. But, for us sky-birds, the views from these mansions in the sky are breathtaking. For this, you can thank the developers and architects who have already thought of exactly the view they want before they begin. Not that there are too many bad views in Miami. The last one I saw was a malfunctioning speedo on Miami Beach back in 2010.

As the competition between developers, to sell out their high-priced units increases, so does the crazy amenities this new bread of high-rises provide. Just a few include personal elevators (for you and your car) 24-hour concierge, spas, restaurants, room service, infinity pools on your 2000+ square foot 40th story outdoor terrace, and the list goes on.

Developers have gone beyond giving the customer what they need and are now providing things that the customer doesn’t even realize they need. As the dollar gets stronger, it’s no surprise they are going balls-to-the-wall to stun potential buyers with eye watering amenities. If you’re spending a ridiculous amount on property, chances are you are pretty smart and ROI is an important factor.  This is true especially from a foreign investor perspective. Much of this foreign investment comes from the UAE, a place where 24 carat gold toilets and purified toilet water is the norm. What Arab Prince wants to leave his $30 million dollar penthouse for a game of golf? Now they don’t have to with buildings like the Porsche Tower offering an indoor golf simulator for all residents. Miami is hot as hell. Why not stay at home and play a round of golf at Pinehurst -in the A/C and in your underwear! Want to watch a movie? You’re in luck. Your $30 million gets you a movie theatre as well as almost every other luxury you could want.

What would I do?

I’m sure some of these perks have their benefits. You’re hung-over and you really don’t want to head down 40 floors and out into 100+ degree Miami sun to go get a McDonalds. Perfect, just pick up the phone and have the concierge bring it to you. If you want to hit the gym, you don’t have to walk three blocks to get to the local meat factory. But really, you’re in Miami. Do you really want to have no excuse to leave your home? Unless you’re an A-list celeb, and it’s a real ball-ache to go out in public, it is much easier to live somewhat in the real-world. That being said, nobody is pointing a gun at your head and telling you that you have to use these crazy amenities everyday. So, if you’re buying a penthouse, firstly, you’ve made a great decision. Secondly, and most importantly, don’t shut yourself off from the world. It’s beautiful out there!

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