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Nick Ruiz is a real estate mogul who has achieved financial freedom twice, by purchasing and renting real estate as well as wholesaling property. After building a million dollar empire in his early twenties, the economic bust of 2008 leveled his business. But like so many entrepreneurs that we interview, this failure only served as a learning experience for Ruiz, who applied his new life lessons to his second go-around. Doubling down on his effort and armed with a new take on how the world operates, Nick Ruiz was able to build his empire a second time and did so with a focus on helping other would-be entrepreneurs achieve their dream of financial independence.

The first thing The Guy Society noted when researching Nick Ruiz, was that he had the passion and drive we find to be a common thread in the success stories we feature here.

“I’ve always been obsessed with creating freedom and doing my own thing. The thought of someone else telling me what to do all day was such a painful thought that I’ve been creating income from scratch since I was a young child. Now it just carries over into my adulthood as pure entrepreneurship.” Nick Ruiz cuts right to the chase, and you get a sense that with him, time is money.

One of the things we have noticed at The Guy Society, is that when it comes to success, it is often laced with early failures. Nick Ruiz built a multi-million dollar real estate empire by his mid 20’s and then lost it all in the market crash of 2008. Every entrepreneur knows some failure is part of the game, but how to you bounce back from losing it all?

“You go back to the pain. I knew that going back to a “traditional living” and working for someone else was ultimate pain for me. I took an unbelievable amount of action in a short period of time and got on my feet very quickly,” Nick Ruiz explains. “In fact, it is a pure example of rags to riches and how anyone can truly do anything.”

The Guy Society notes that Nick has had a varied entrepreneurial life from selling things at school to MLM jobs, all of which honed his skills. With such a variety of influence, we wonder what his biggest lesson, to date, has been.

“No matter what business you are in, you are in the HUMAN BEING business first,” Nick Ruiz says. “Once you embrace that, you’ll be successful anywhere.”

“What advice would you give to our readers that are just starting their journey?” The Guy Society asks, making sure we have our reader’s backs.

Ruiz lays down a bit of real-world advice about making sure you have your personal act together before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey.”Make sure your internal world is shaped and developed to the point where you can truly see and act on real opportunities. So many people want the ‘step by step system’ for being a successful entrepreneur, but the reality is that without your internal world being right, no steps will help them.”

One of the things The Guy Society likes about Nick Ruiz is that he understands the balance between personal and business success as well as how to intertwine that success with family. It is a balance that Nick Ruiz has refined.

“When I take action as an entrepreneur, it’s very precise so I’m not wasting extra time. I spend lots of time with my family because I’ve developed the skill of taking laser focused action.”  It is that skill that echoes throughout most of his journey to success.  The lack of hesitation, the perpetual motion, is a common characteristic throughout Nick Ruiz’s story. He tells The Guy Society why he chose real estate to begin with. “Simply because it is, and always will be, the simplest and number one wealth creator in the world. You don’t need to think of great ideas, products, or services and then hope the world buys them from you. Real estate is already out there, you just have to learn how to get in and out of it at the right prices and terms.”

Nick also runs Alpha Home Flipping, a class that teaches students how to enter the real estate game. We asked him what what can a student can expect when they are mentored by him.

“Success from complete scratch, period!”

Fair enough, but what are his three key pieces of advice for anyone looking to make a career in real estate?

“Don’t expect it to be easy,” he says matter-of-fact. “But it is very simple. Take it seriously, and don’t look at it as some ‘new opportunity’. Start off wholesaling, which involves no cash, credit, or loans.”

We ask Nick Ruiz what he looks for in an entrepreneur who can be successful.

“They need to understand that opportunity is everywhere, it’s their internal being that needs to be carefully crafted for success. It’s all learnable, so there are no excuses.”

Continuing to keep it simple, when The Guy Society asks Nick Ruiz what’s next, he simply grins and says,”Rinsing and repeating what’s been working for years.”


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