How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

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The winter can be a trying time. The days are short, the weather is bad, and all you want to do is lay in bed until April. Many men fall victim to the “winter blues”. Besides feeling like crap every day, everything seems arduous from work to hitting the gym. Things seem pointless so men suffering with this seasonal depression choose to do absolutely nothing instead. The days roll into one another as passion for work goes out the window and sitting on the couch watching Netflix every night becomes commonplace. There are things you can do to lift yourself out of those cold, wintery doldrums.

Hit The Gym: A lot of guys with the winter blues use lame excuses not to work out. “It’s too cold.” “I’m too tired.” Then there is my personal favorite, “it’s bulking season.” This is just an excuse to sit on your ass all winter and gorge on foods that are terrible for you. Give up the excuses and hit the gym. Not only will you not have to lose the 40 pounds you gained when it starts getting warmer, the exercise will get those endorphins flowing and that will make you feel less depressed and out of it. You can also use this opportunity to try a more exciting way of staying fit such as taking boxing lessons or indoor rock climbing.

Do Wintery Things: There’s not a ton of things to do that are specifically related to winter but there are a few. Take a weekend and go snowmobiling, skiing, or snow tubing. All three are a lot of fun and it’s hard to hate the winter when you’re embracing it. Bonus: for some reason it’s okay for grown men to act like idiots while playing in the snow.  

Buckle Down at Work: Okay, so there may be less things to do in the winter. Instead of running out the office door at 5, stay a while. Get some work done. Try and turn the lack of fun activities into a positive. Burn that midnight oil at work and it could end up in a promotion.

Keep Your Mind Occupied: If you’re not thinking about how much the winter sucks, how much can it really get you down? Exercise those brain muscles. Read more, hell, read as much as possible. Buy a language learning program and learn how to speak French. Take an evening class at your local college. Besides giving your brain cells a workout you may even meet some new people.

Hit the Bars and Clubs: I know I’m in the minority but I prefer partying in the winter. Any girl can look hot when she’s barely wearing any clothes. In the winter, you can really tell which ladies are the cutest as they have to get dolled up and step up their fashion game. Call me crazy but I’m a sucker for a girl in a sexy outfit that leaves something to the imagination. Not to mention, a nice bourbon will make even the coldest winter nights as warm as can be.

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