Welcome to Twenty-fifteen: the era of super-fast metro trains, lightning speed internet, one-touch-go smart phones and “one-click connecting millions” social media. In this ‘tech-say’ world you have grossed the most praiseworthy degree, advanced your technology skills, cleared an interview in your dream organization and fortunately you have THE job tittle and it feels like being on the top of the world? Hang on! Is that it? Have you attained everything that will lead to a ‘happy’ life ahead?

The answer is a BIG NO my friend! In this fast paced and ever-competing world, achieving a job tittle is not enough; instead you should be ‘talented’ enough to maintain it. Of-course working hard and putting in your best efforts is the base strategy. However, a little smart work can help you to become a ‘serious deal’ and not just any Tom, Dick and Harry at work. For being taken seriously at work and as an assets, you need to characterize yourself as a strong personality with a praiseworthy professional approach.

Now the question is what being a professional means? A strong professional personality possesses the following qualities:

Punctuality: Of-course showing up on time is a must -along with it, punctuality in task submission is a ‘plus-plus’. Being professional not only applies to completing and submitting your best assignment but also submitting it on time.

Strong-willed approach: While providing your opinion at work, a professional person makes sure to get the facts right. You can never convince someone with the things you are unsure about. A professional not only makes a superb presentation but also knows how to showcase his ideas in a determined but ‘approachable for suggestions’ manner.

Never forget your team: Taking credits for other’s work is very un-professional and turns you into the ‘devil’ at work. Even if one of your colleagues has facilitated you in completing a project, it is very important to recognize his bit. This is professional and you’ll be everybody’s favorite, gradually increasing the impact of your presence.

Trust and Reliability: The very meaning5 of an organization is working together as a team, counting on one another. Building a trust among your colleagues and bosses and upholding it is very crucial. In case you are given a responsibility at work, it’s strictly recommended that all your efforts should be utilized to fulfill the same. Just like a piece of glass, trust, once broken cannot be mended. You should present yourself in such a way that anyone can rely on you professionally, without giving even a second thought. This works as icing on the cake for your professional image.

Professional and Presentable dress up: The saying “first impression is the last impression” is somewhat true in this case. Even if you score a 10 in the points above, your ability to present yourself matters a lot. Everyone judges you from the way you ‘display’ yourself. Clean, work-adequate clothing and body hygiene turns you into the ‘rock-star’ of your organization.

Such gestures that make you shine from the crowd are the foundation of a strong professional personality. These steps along with a positive and hardworking attitude are the base steps to climb the heights of professional success.

REMEMBER “Strong Work Ethics And Tenacity (SWEAT) will turn all odds”!

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