6 Easy ways to BEEF up your Instagram


Oh man, you just posted THE BEST photo EVER, along with the best hashtags EVER, but what the heck, only 12 likes!?

We all wish we had a special social media wand that would magically give you 10,835 likes and 5,687 new followers just by posting that one perfectly filtered photo. Well, unless you’re Kim Kardashian or some other social media phenomenon – that most likely will not happen.

But don’t give up on your dreams of IG fame just yet because there are ways to beef up your following and engagement with some simple little daily steps. So, roll up your sleeves, sit back on your velvet chaise lounge or comfy couch and bust these moves…

1. Research relevant hashtags for your industry and add them to your photos in the “comments” section.

Okay. Okay. Adding hashtags to your photos seems like a no-brainer. But when you really take the time to find out what hashtags YOUR ideal audience is using, even your competitors, it will open your eyes to not only finding perfect tags to post, you will also discover new accounts and people to connect with! As a styling technique – adding tags to the comments section after you initially post the photo looks a lot cleaner.

To save yourself some time, create a bundle of hashtags in your notes on your phone, and then copy and paste them into the comments area of Instagram.

Actual hashtags saved in my notes for various clients.

2. Respond to ALL of your photo comments.

This is pretty important. Might not seem like it, but if you have people taking the time to post a comment, take the time to give them a response. Use this time to open a dialogue with customers, connect with influencers, etc. Sure, this can be time consuming, but if you use a site like IconoSquare.com, you can respond to each comment in rapid time and it tracks all your activity!

Snapshot of iconosquare.com comment replies in action.

3. Comment and double tap other ‘Grammers’ photos through relevant hashtags.

In your quest for finding hashtags for your photos, you will come across some great accounts that could be perfect resources to reach your audience on a broader level. Start making yourself known by interacting. Like and comment on their photos. You can even go so far as to share their photos by taking a screen shot and posting on your feed with a little shout out (be sure to give them photo credit, stealing is bad karma).

FullSizeRender 3

Notice the proper photo cred.

4. Do a little digging, go onto competitors or partners feeds and comment/like their fan photos.

There are always going to be similar companies and people to your business or band. Those companies and brands will have your target audience following them. So chose a couple to visit each day, go onto their photos, see who is liking and commenting on them and then go to those fan feeds and interact with them. Fans will get notifications that you’re engaging them and they will most likely go to your feed to view your profile and content.

So many fans to connect with!

5. Like/comment on people’s photos who tag you or use your hashtags.

Your customers and fans are those who will drive your business forward! Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing. Be sure to give your fans props if they tag you or use a hashtag with your company name or product. It’s a BIG compliment to be featured on a company’s feed, so share their photos. It’s also helpful when you’re having a content lull.

FullSizeRender 4

Perfect fan generated content

6. Find partner or potential partner IG accounts and like/comment on photos.

This is one you will need to do a little bit of research on at first. You don’t necessarily want to do this with competitors, but rather those businesses and brands (or even public figures) who you work with or want to work with in the future.

For example, a jewelry designer would find shops that could potentially distribute or sell their jewelry. If you’re doing a collaboration with a company, be sure to be active in their community.

This goes for thought leaders as well. If you’re a restaurant, a smart move would be to connect with anything and everything in the culinary world such as chefs, product manufactures, food bloggers, cooking websites, media, etc.

Make a list of these in your notes on your phone so you can remind yourself to connect with those accounts from time to time.


Notes are your best friend

Hope you found these tips helpful! Have any IG questions? Tweet or IG me!

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