Tuxedos: Should You Rent Or Buy?


At some point in every single man’s life he has to ask himself the question, “Should I buy or rent a text”? Let’s look at the both sides of the situation.

If you choose to rent, you have to wear a pair of pants that another man’s junk has been in. He was probably doing the YMCA in it and getting very sweaty. In that situation, I don’t care if the thing was soaked in bleach and industrial strength antibacterial soap; it’s still kind of gross. You can wear a HAZMAT suit underneath it but that’s a pain. I see this as a major, major issue. Secondly, you’re going to pick out something stupid. I don’t know why this happens but it happens.

The Classic Split Color Tux

The Classic Split Color Tux

A lot of guys go into the tuxedo rental place with the best intentions. They want to look like James Bond but for some reason they come out looking like a virgin going to junior prom, with a tuxedo that includes a matching silver iridescent tie, with a matching cummerbund. I think those salesman must get a bonus if they manage to rent out the ugliest tuxes possible. Here’s issue number three. You have to wear used shoes. That’s almost as bad as the pants and the junk; again it’s just repugnant. Also, as if it’s not a big enough pain in the ass to go pick the thing up, you have to drop it off as well. Honestly, it sucks and is just overall lame.

Unless you are really going to junior prom I would stay away from the rentals. Junior prom goers get a pass because they might grow and they likely won’t need a tuxedo any time soon.

This is why I think you should buy.

Reason number one, how freakin’ cool is it to own a tuxedo? I mean, seriously, I love just saying I own a tuxedo from time to time. Secondly, you get to wear your own pants and shoe. Nobody’s junk will have been in them except yours and in my opinion that is priceless. Also, when all is said and done, actually owning a tuxedo is only a few hundred bucks more than renting and you get to have it for the rest of your life.

It's all in the details.

It’s all in the details.

You’re not going to use it that much unless you’re Frank Sinatra so if you don’t get too big or small you can literally have it until you’re 90 (so buy the classic look fellas – it never goes out of style). Also, when you go to purchase a tuxedo there will be less salesmen trying to convince you that paisley is the way to go. Again, I don’t know why this happens, it just does. Accept it and move on.

Added bonus? If a girl ever asks you to a black tie event she’ll eventually say, “So where are you going to rent a tux from?” to which you simply answer in a nonchalant manner that you already own one. She will instantly give you her attention because of how classy and debonair you seem to be.

Discussion over. Buy the tux.

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