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Style and success go hand in hand.  At TGS, you won’t escape our mantra that dressing for success is an integral component of elevating your professional game.  We strive to keep you up to date with all the fashion trends as well as provide tips on how to harness your entrepreneurial spirit, advance in your profession, and present the best version of yourself to the world. On occasion, we land an interview that embodies the best of style as well as the ambitious nature that drives each one of us.

Enter Bilal A. Sheikh, a 24 year old native of Pakistan, he currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. A highly imaginative style guru, he is also leading the motivation behind his personal brand. A trending name in the fashion industry, Bilal’s is a blend of South Asian and American culture.  Bringing to life bright colors that pop, and integrating them within popular attire, he sets a tone that is both unique and comforting all at once.

Adding pop to everyday wear, has Bilal subtly standing out from the crowd.

Adding pop to everyday wear, has Bilal subtly standing out from the crowd. One of his favorite looks.

Bilal shows off a style that will give you a bit of pizzazz while not being so obtrusive as to call unwanted attention.  Class and sophistication is subtlety highlighted by pop, and Bilal showcases this in spades.

His brand is spreading like wildfire thanks to social media and Bilal isn’t shy about pinpointing how his success as developed. He outlines how having a unique social media presence, while still being attainable, influences his audience.

“I believe what really sets my account apart from others, and the main reason why I have reached so many followers, is that when people see my page they see fashion/style that is within their reach.  They can easily get ideas, put together, and afford the outfits that I post.

Through Instagram, I have become a men’s fashion idol for many, and it makes me really happy to be able to help others look and feel good about themselves. One of the coolest things I have experienced through my account is promoting various brands and getting free items in return.”

Through the years, everyone has a style that morphs into what they are now.  Some of us started out in the era of gold nameplates and others started out with bellbottom jeans.  Over the years, Bilal has crafted a style all his own.

“I would describe my style in one sentence: Using clothing with a variety of colors and patterns to put together distinct combinations. I believe every style is unique regardless of what it is or who it comes from. I love to challenge myself to try new things and see what different pairings I can come up with. I believe in style more than fashion, and that is the vibe I aspire to give off from my pictures.  Like me, many others enjoy the originality that comes from style.

Without a doubt.  My sense of style has definitely developed more as my Instagram account developed. I have been able to come up with new and diverse ideas from following many amazing fashion pages and reading all of the advice they have to offer. Just like these pages have allowed me to bring something creative for others to enjoy, I hope my page can do the same for my followers.”

He credits the city of Brooklyn for impacting his style.  With so many cultures and walks of life colliding in one area, the potential for inspiration is nearly unlimited.

“Growing up in Brooklyn, New York has definitely impacted my sense of style. New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world, which gives you the opportunity to see so many different and wonderful tastes and styles. Being able to see all of these different ideas on a daily basis, gives you the motivation to bring something different to the table, and stand out from the mainstream crowd.”

When asked about following trends or throwing off the shackles of the ‘norm’, Bilal points to the importance of being true to yourself and true to what you feel comfortable wearing, while pushing the envelope.

“I would describe my style as distinctive; I believe every style is unique regardless of what they are. I love to challenge myself and see what I come up with. I take pleasure in the use of colors with my outfits. There is a definitely a difference between style & fashion. Fashion is a trend that is set in society and eventually fades away to make room for another new temporary trend. On the other hand, style is a personal asset that stays with an individual forever. Fashion creates rules, and style tends to bend them.“

And rules are made to be bent and broken.  Bilal is certainly able to have a look that holds onto the trend while creating new energy with well placed highlights.

A style icon, Bilal is still a man in his early twenties in one of the world’s largest metropolises. We asked him what he would do with an unlimited budget and one night in New York City.  His answer was what you might expect from a style icon that wants to be seen.

“If I had unlimited budget, I would wear all my favorite designers which will include Christian Louboutin shoes and Gucci shirt as well as followed by Hermes belt along with Rolex watch and Cartier bracelet.  I would hop around every bar and club in the city.”

But Bilal! Not all of us can afford a Rolex or a Gucci shirt!

That’s okay.  He knows what to suggest for those of us that want to look the part.

“Some of my favorite affordable brands are Forever21, H&M, Zara, Aldo & Spring shoes. Others on the not so budget friendly side are Club Monaco, Burberry & Gucci, Del Toro Shoes, Christian Louboutin.”

No matter what you can afford, Bilal says that it is important to be yourself.

“I admire individuals who aren’t afraid to be themselves and are comfortable with their own original style. One such celebrity, whose style I respect, is Kanye West. I admire his courage when it comes to wearing whatever he wants to wear without being uncomfortable and with confidence. He wears clothing you normally won’t see anyone else wearing, and yeah that may be because he is a celebrity but I still think his style is different and original, it doesn’t follow the “trend”.

One Instagrammer who I consider a style icon is @whatmyboyfriendwore. His style gives off such an original and fresh feel; he seems comfortable in any and everything that he wears. A lot of the combinations he makes in his outfits aren’t seen anywhere else, and that is because he isn’t afraid of standing out or doing something different. That’s what I like, for people to be comfortable and happy with whatever they wear.”

Of course, he has his own favorite and “go to” looks.

A highlight of color while rocking neutral tones. Another of his favorite blends.

A highlight of color while rocking neutral tones. Another of his favorite blends.

“I have two favorite looks; one is wearing plain chinos and a button down with a nice tie. The second is wearing chinos, a button down, and a blazer with a nice pocket square and lapel. An example of the first on my account is where I am wearing basic colored light gray chinos and a white button-down, which is a very simple outfit. But then the tie I am wearing, a pink and blue plaid print, gives the outfit a nice kick, and makes even the basic colors look good. An example of the second on my account is where I am wearing khaki colored chinos with a white button-down, again plain and simple. But I threw on a black blazer with a red pocket square, black red and white lapel pin, with red shoes, which ends up giving the outfit a fresh and modern finish.”

Thanks Bilal.  It has been a pleasure, but any last words of advice for our readers?

“My only advice to readers would be, do not be afraid of putting many brands together. Style does not come from designer clothing. It’s all about putting an outfit together. You can pull different pieces from various brands and create a wonderful outfit. “

With that advice, I’m looking at my closest just a bit differently.  Perhaps, you should too.

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