Portrait of a Man’s Man: Dean Martin

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Here at The Guy Society we judge a man by his character, his accomplishments, the number of drop dead gorgeous women he’s dated, and his overall cool factor. It truly is a sophisticated science. One man who encompasses every trait we admire is Dean Martin. He was a member of The Rat Pack, had dozens of hit songs, was a successful actor, comedian, Roast Master, and overall man’s man. His nickname was “The King of Cool”, a moniker I would personally kill for.

However, Dean didn’t start at the top. He was born into modest means in Steubenville, Ohio where he held some interesting jobs that included boxer and stickman at an illegal casino in the back of a tobacco shop. All along Dino honed his vocal skills by singing with local groups. Things started to pan out for him and he became a successful singer on the East Coast, playing small venues and drawing in decent crowds. His local popularity finally led him to forming the comedy duo Martin and Lewis. Dean Martin’s ascension to the top began.

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis circa 1950

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis circa 1950

Teaming up with Lewis led to television, movies, and increased popularity. Dean eventually began to separate himself from the slapstick comedy and along came the serious movie roles, a wildly successful music career, as well as a budding friendship with Frank “The Chairman of the Board” Sinatra. He released hit singles like “Volare”, “Mambo Italiano”, “Everybody Loves Somebody”, “You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You”, “That’s Amore” and a bunch more. Some of his classic movies include Ocean’s 11, The Young Lions, and Some Came Running. He also had a nearly ten year long run on television with the Dean Martin Show.

He lived a life every man on the planet would give a limb for. He smoked, he drank (although not nearly as much as people thought, he was not a drunk, it was for entertainment purposes), he dated beautiful women, he was a star, and a member of the Rat Pack. Can it get any better? He had old school values and was much more of a homebody than people think.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from the television program Colgate Comedy Hour. 1955

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from the television program Colgate Comedy Hour. 1955

I was once told a story about Dean Martin that I think is probably more indicative of who he was as a man. He once had a party at his house and in the middle of the party Dean was nowhere to be found. The police knocked on the door and Dean’s wife answered. Frank went upstairs to find Dean in bed, relaxing. Dean told him that it was him who called the police. He allegedly told Frank, “They ate, they drank, and now it’s time for them to go home.” Frank responded by laughing uncontrollably.

Now, that’s a man’s man.

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  • Mr. DaBove, ‘nother huge homage of our most beloved Dino. You speaks the cool and complete truth when you wrote, “One man who encompasses every trait we admire is Dean Martin. Thanks for spreadin’ your awesome appreciation for our Dino at this potent pad of all things male. Know that your remarkable reflections are bein’ shared this day at ilovedinomartin.

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