Manicures Are Manly

Nails arm wrestle

If you’re in a position where you’re trying to get ahead, or if you’re highly scrutinized, your appearance means a lot. Whether you want to believe it or not, people are judging you every second of every day, especially those with whom you might be in direct competition with. You could be in an expensive suit but if you’re wearing the wrong tie that is what people will notice. Having the good suit, the nice haircut, the right cufflinks, the tie bar, the perfect watch are all essential and we’ll discuss those extensively in other articles but today we’re going to focus on something most men don’t consider important or don’t think about – period. Some men know it exists but refuse to partake.

That’s right gentleman.

I’m talking about the manicure. A lot of men think it’s feminine and they just don’t want to sit in a nail salon amongst twenty women getting French tips. I can’t say I don’t completely understand. The bottom line, however, is that people see your hands a lot  – whether you’re shaking hands, answering your cell, giving a presentation or simply sitting at a conference table. It’s one of the few body parts that’s really out there for the world to see. Your suit could have been flown in straight from Savile Row on a private jet and been delivered to you by a butler named Gerald, but if your nails are long, dirty, or bitten it truly won’t matter.

In business, attention to detail is key.

In business, attention to detail is key.

You’re probably thinking that you can do this at home. Yes, you can clip your nails but will you file them? I thought not. As far as it being feminine, Al Capone and John Gotti are two of many mob bosses who got regular manicures. Would you call them feminine to their face? I think not.  I do understand your trepidation about sitting in a nail salon, though it should be noted that I do it on a weekly basis. It’s not exactly a John Wayne thing to do, but here is what you can do if you’re that self-conscious.

Talk to your barber and ask him if he knows somebody who provides mobile manicure services. If he doesn’t have somebody in his shop that can do it he will know somebody he can set you up with. They will come to your home or office and make sure your hands are pristine. The price will be higher than if you went to the salon, but not by an exorbitant amount. They’ll trim and file your nails, cut your cuticles, moisturize and massage your hands, and depending on your tastes either buff or polish your nails.

People may not notice your perfectly manicured nails, but they will definitely notice your badly kept ones.

Whichever you feel more comfortable with is what you should get. It’s truly a pleasurable experience and being manicured is the height of grooming. It’s almost intimidating in a way because it makes people have a “Holy crap, this guy’s nails are polished, now that’s paying attention to detail”, type of reaction. Unless you’re a tradesman, manicures are a must. Whether you head to the salon or call somebody in, make sure you get it done.

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