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Who wants to wear or use fitness products that are not fashionable enough for the modern world? We all want to stay fit or get fit so that we stay healthy and look good. But staying fit requires the use of certain modern products sometimes, especially if you do not have a time to go through a workout routine.

Fitness products can help you achieve your fitness goals, but no one with a modern mind would want to use something that isn’t fashionable. Today, we will be looking at the top 8 fashionable fitness products. These products look so good that you should wear them almost every time you decide to exercise.

  1. LifeBEAM Smart Hat

The hat is perfect for people who do not like using chest straps. The Smart Hat is basically a monitor strapped to your forehead. It should not irritate you or hinder your movement one bit when working out. Be warned that some users have reported that the Smart Hat is not 100% reliable. It costs $99.

  1. Training Mask

Training Masks look cool and use very simple science to make your workout more efficient. These masks limit the flow of blood and oxygen to your body, so you will need to work harder. The harder you work, the more calories you will burn. You can get a Training Mask for $79.99. It is the best alternative to mountain climbing or hiking.

  1. Jabra Pulse

These are earphones with a heart rate monitor. You can listen to your favorite music while the gadget connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It will give you extremely accurate heart rate measurements. It costs $130 and is best for people who do not like straps or anything on their body while working out.

  1. UnderArmor Storm Run Jacket

The jacket is quite pricy but is of very high quality! It is waterproof and takes a very short time to dry. It can be used in wintery conditions and its performance is totally outstanding when compared to other brands of similar price.

  1. X Weighted Vests

Weighted Vests have evolved over the years and now they come in an ‘X’ shape. There are plenty X Weighted Vests in the market and unlike their predecessors, they don’t feel like a giant sandbag when worn.

  1. Funkybod

Funkybod is like a padded bra, except that it can be worn by males who don’t want to exercise to build their pectoral muscles. Not the most famous product around but worth trying at least one as an undershirt.

  1. Visijax Highlight Jacket

The jacket is more of a life saver than a fitness product. It is to be worn by cyclists and contains smart LEDs which highlight your intentions to other vehicles on the road.

  1. Withings Activite Pop

What separates this smart watch from the rest of the pack is its French design and looks. It’s manufactured in Switzerland! Who doesn’t want a Swiss Manufactured smart watch?!

You might want to Google the products that interest you. Remember that these are our picks and there are plenty more similar products that are released almost every week.

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