Is Your Beard Up to Par? What Women Actually Think


Beards. Beards everywhere! They just so happen to be the most popular trend amongst men as of late. Ever since “No Shave November” grew into such popularity by men not shaving their faces for the entire month, many men have decided to go beyond just the one month and it has turned into a storm of bearded men everywhere!

Although many men grow their beard just because of the trendiness of it, not all of them have what it takes to pull it off. And some just don’t know how to properly grow their beard in general – which is just so unfortunate.

Luckily for them, they are about to get an inside view as to what women actually think about your overgrown facial hair. Now, being a young woman, many of the men in my life have grown out their beards so I have seen pretty much every type of beard there is out there.

Long, short, stubble, patchy, and even wizard-length. I have dated a guy who had what I like to call a lumberjack beard. I’m sure you can get the idea as to what that one looks like. But although his beard looked pretty good, did I really like it that much?

I have put together a distinctive list of all the traits a man’s beard should possess. So you tell me, is your beard up to par according to the following list?

#1 It’s Filled In Completely

This is a tell-tale sign that your beard is already mostly up to par. The least attractive part of a beard is if it grows in patchy and thin. If your beard is up to par then it is full, thick, and looks like a cloud of fluffy softness – even though I know it’s not.

Without a fully filled in beard you are left looking straggly and more creepy than sexy. For those of you who wish to have a beard and just can’t grow facial hair on your cheeks very much (like a few guys I know), you’re better off just shaving it all off and waiting until that’s a possibility for you.

#2 It Is Regularly Groomed

This is probably the most important aspect when paired with a full beard. You NEED to groom your beard. This means washing and combing. It may feel silly to comb your beard but believe me; the ladies will appreciate it a lot more than you think.

A beard that is messy and unkempt just makes you look like a homeless wolverine or something – which is not attractive at all. Make sure your beard is up to par and keep it groomed!

#3 It Is Actually Manscaped

Manscaping: when men remove body hair via shaving, waxing, or cutting. You need to manscape your beard even if you’re growing it out. Trimming and shaping are a huge part of making sure your beard is up to par.

News flash: your beard does not grow in at the same rate all over your face. Some hairs grow in much more rapidly and without any trimming and shaping you will again just look like a mess –and not a hot one. You also need to contour it to your face shape as well. There are many ways to shape your beard to make it more appealing.

#4 It Looks Good With Your Face

Sorry guy! But some of you just look terrible with a beard. It’s true. Just like certain girls can’t pull off bangs because of their face shape, some dudes cannot have beards. They don’t work with every face shape and can sometimes either make you look a lot heavier than you are, or just hide some of your bone structure that could otherwise make you look sexy. If your beard is up to par, then it will enhance the shape of your face, not completely hide it.

#5 It Makes You Look Better

This has something to do with your face shape, but also a lot more. Some people can pull off a beard alright, but it doesn’t make them look better and it actually takes away from their appearance altogether.

Why would you want a beard if it makes you look worse? Your beard may have all of the following criteria and seem up to par, but if it takes away from your overall appearance, then it actually is not up to par and you’re better off either trying a different style or shaving it completely.

#6 It’s Just Long Stubble

Can you say sexy? Because that’s exactly what this beard style says and it is an automatic YES. I think that every single male – as long as they can grow it in fully – looks FANTASTIC with a beard that is just a little bit longer than stubble length. If this is your beard then I fully believe it’s already up to par.

I don’t know why this is – maybe it has to do with the fact that it looks like you’ve just spent a week on an island by yourself and had to fight your way back into the arms of the one you love. Or it just makes you look manlier while not covering up your face completely. Either way – it’s brilliant.

#7 The Beard Color Matches Your Hair

This is a vital component of whether or not your beard is up to par. There are a lot of men who grow their facial hair in a different color than the hair on their head. While this is alright if it’s only a few hairs and not too noticeable – or you’re graying (because that’s fine) – it looks very strange if the whole thing is a different color.

This two-toned look is not attractive and takes away from your appearance by being a sort of distraction. It’s not up to par if it’s a weirdly different color.

Although beards are the newest trend, they don’t work for everyone. Read everything above to determine if your beard is up to par or not!

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