How To Buy The Perfect Leather Jacket

Leather jacket

There are certain things that every man needs to have in his wardrobe and one of those things is a black leather jacket. It’s a wardrobe staple and it goes with everything and it always gives you a bit of edginess. A leather jacket also has the distinction of being one of the few items a man can wear for 20 years if he takes care of it. That’s why purchasing one takes some consideration. Without further ado, here are The Guy Society Rules for buying a leather jacket.

leather jacket 2

1. Stay away from anything with multiple zippers, a Harley Davidson logo (unless you actually ride one), racing stripes in any color, etc. Keep it simple, black. Nothing is more stylish. Just ask the Fonz.

2. Don’t be cheap when it comes to buying a leather jacket. You don’t need to spend a fortune for a good leather jacket but there are few things that look better than awesome designer leather. Look at it this way. If you end up spending a couple grand, at least you know you’re going to have it for years to come. Cheaper leather may not hold up and you may not get the fit you’re looking for. John Varvatos, Marc Jacobs, and Andrew Marc are some great brands when it comes to leather. Even simple Guess has its perks.

3. There are a million different cuts when it comes to leather. There’s the blazer, the bomber, and the list goes on. The blazer and the bomber can both be good choices. Also make sure you stay away from anything too long. Unless you’re Blade, you don’t need an ankle-length leather jacket. The motor style jackets are very cool looking and they look as stylish with slacks as they do with a t-shirt and jeans. Just make sure there aren’t any patches or colors on it. You’re not a NASCAR driver here.

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4. This is the most important rule to follow. Many men go wrong when it comes to the fit. You shouldn’t be swimming in a leather jacket. Any bagginess in a leather jacket is not cool, so here is the rule of thumb. A good leather jacket is like a good pair of shoes, it conforms to your body. To ensure that you get this effect, buy a jacket that is just big enough to zip up. It should even be snug. When it’s finally broken in it will fit like a glove.

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