Five Steps For The Perfect Headshave

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The shaved head has become very popular over the years. Whether you rock the all-natural look to avoid the comb over or you simply like it, there’s no denying it’s a sleek, cool look. Most people think it’s a low maintenance style and in some ways it is. On the other hand, it does require daily maintenance and it needs to be done right. Many men out there just don’t know the mechanics of the head shave. 

Have no fear. The Guy Society is here to show you how it’s done, step by step.

Step One: Always shave the dome in a hot shower. The heat and steam softens the hair and opens the pores, making for a much easier shave. If you’ve ever tried to shave your head in another way you know why I say a hot shower is the best place.

Step Two: Apply shaving cream. Don’t just slap it on there though. Rub it in thoroughly. By the time you’re done you should have a fairly thin layer of cream on your head and it should really be ingrained into the hair and scalp. Even if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, use a shaving cream for sensitive skin, preferably one with aloe or oatmeal. This ensures that you won’t experience any irritation. It also helps with post shave smoothness.

If you want the results, you have to have the right tools.

If you want the results, you have to have the right tools.

Step Three: Use a good three or five blade razor to shave. What type of blade you use is up to you, though I would avoid any disposable razors. Those types have a very hard “feel” and you’re more prone to cuts if you use them. If you’re a beginner, be careful as you could cut yourself easily since you’re not really familiar with the contours of your head. Rinse the blade often and make sure you get those hard to reach places, like behind the ears. When you’re done, feel around to see if you missed any spots. If you did, go over them again.

Step Four: This is the part of the process most men never do. You want to re-lather your head with shaving cream and shave again. You don’t need to put a lot of pressure on the blade. Use long, light strokes, focusing specifically on areas where your hair grows in a little thicker. This ensures there won’t be any small patches of hair and you’ll barely be able to feel stubble on your head even when you go against the grain. Step four is an absolute must.

Look good. Smell good. Perfect.

Look good. Smell good. Perfect.

Step Five: As soon as you get out of the shower, apply some aftershave lotion for sensitive skin. There aren’t many brands made specifically for shaved heads but any lotion will do just fine. Nivea for Men makes some excellent products, some of which even offer sun protection -which is great if you have a shaved head. After you’ve dried off you can put some lotion on, if necessary, but that depends on your skin type. You may not need it.

Follow these five steps and you’ll have the cleanest, freshest, shaved head possible.

That’s a TGS guarantee.


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