What Your Girl is Really Thinking During Sports


If men could read the minds of their girlfriends when they take them to go watch a sports game, it might look a little something like this. Disclaimer: obviously not every girl is going to be thinking these things since some of them are actually really into sports.

But if your girl generally isn’t a fan or doesn’t know what the heck is going on half the time you talk about football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport for that matter, her mind might reflect some of the following thoughts.

The truth is that most of us girlfriends who aren’t that into sports are really just doing it for moral support for our man. We don’t care if they win or lose as long as you’re happy to be enjoying the game with us by your side.

Personally, I’m not huge into sports. I definitely watch some games and keep up with certain teams (GO PACKERS), but overall I’m not going to get crazy if the team loses. Here are some thoughts I – and other women – have had while watching a game with their man.

“I’m only here for the good food.” Because apparently only the best foods are consumed during sports games. I mean chips and dip, chicken wings, fried ANYTHING. Yeah. I’ll sit through a game just so I can pretend to enjoy it while scarfing down copious amounts of food that I’ll regret eating tomorrow.

“Don’t you know they can’t actually hear you through the TV screen?” I get you really want them to “THROW THE DAMN BALL” but they can’t actually hear your coaching through the TV screen. No matter how loud you yell. They won’t hear you. Sorry.

“I sat through his game, so now he has to sit through my movie.” Yeah, alright. I’ll admit it’s kind of horrible of me to sit through their game just so I can use it against them later when debating what movie to watch. “But babe! I watched your game with you, so now it’s your turn to watch my thing!” However, it works every time so….WIN!

“Seriously! Screaming will not make them win.” Again with the yelling. Over and over again. It doesn’t help at all. No matter how much louder you yell. In fact, it might actually make things worse.

“Okay, that play was actually pretty cool.” Woah! Yeah, that was pretty sweet. Some plays are just crazy and awesome even if I’m not 100% sure how the game is played all the time. Some of them just seem like they could never really actually happen and I’m watching a movie or something – which is fun.

“Oooh! Guacamole.” One of my favorite sports snacks! Again, I really only go for the delicious food. If it was acceptable for me to eat guacamole and chips every single day, I definitely would. However, watching my boyfriend’s favorite team play is just a great excuse to stuff my face with that amazing green gold.

“Okay, now I’m yelling and it still isn’t helping.” Woah now! I’ll admit, sometimes I actually get really into the games – as do some other girls who would otherwise not give a damn – and end up yelling at the stupid calls, too. But very rarely.

“If they don’t win I have to deal with a crabby boyfriend all night. Great.” When the score board is looking less than satisfactory, this thought might cross your girl’s mind because let’s be real – you’re going to remain pissed off long after they lose the game and they’ll have to go home with that and deal with it for the night.

“Oooh! Chicken wings!” Dudes are not the only people that love shoving small portions of chicken in their mouth repeatedly. We LOVE chicken wings. And where there is a sports game, there is probably chicken wings.

“Wow. I didn’t know his face could get that red.” Sometimes I am honestly surprised at the color that a man’s face gets when he’s yelling and angry at his team for doing something he would’ve CLEARLY done differently. Purple-red is a real color that a person’s face can get.

“Is he sweating? Over a game he’s not even playing? Really?” I just don’t understand how men can get SO incredibly frustrated and worked up by a game that they actually sweat. Profusely.

“Oh now they’re winning. YES!” Now I don’t have to deal with your cranky ass! Woooo! Okay, I’m also excited about the fact that they’re winning now – the game is getting good.

“I’m not 100% sure what’s going on in this games, but if I ask I might get kicked out.” So….what exactly was that flag on and what does it mean? I secretly really want to know but if I ask, his friends might just throw me out of the house. So I’ll just be quiet about it and google it later.

“He’s not even this worked up to have sex with me. Seriously what does this game have that I don’t?” Like for real. If a man’s team is winning they’re more excited about that than when their girl gets naked. Don’t even deny it.

“Finally! It’s over.” As wonderful as eating all that junk food and listening to men yell at an inanimate object over and over again was, I’m relieved that I can finally go home.

“But…that was actually pretty fun.” All in all, I did have an awesome time watching the game – even if I didn’t understand it all the time. But for real, the food was the best part. That’s what made it fun.

The mind of a girl isn’t so simplistic during a sports game like I laid it out to be. Some girlfriends love it and love the sport just as much as their man. But many others are probably thinking exactly what I’ve mentioned above. Regardless, all girls have some degree of fun during a sports game – even if they don’t admit it.

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