Van Gaal: This was a very good year for Manchester United

Van Gaal: This was a very good year for Manchester United
Van Gaal: This was a very good year for Manchester United

Manchester United manager believes that the ‘Red Devils’ have a good year behind them, with the exception of the disastrous series in December.

Manchester United ends 2015 in the sixth place in the Premier League, waiting for spring when Europa League starts since they did not qualify for knockout stages of the Champions League.

The team from the Old Trafford was leading the table in November, but after a series of eight matches without a victory, which was not recorded in the club’s history for more than half a century, their chances are significantly reduced for trying to win the title.

However, fans are mostly concerned with desperate and clueless play, great tactical problems and extremely slow football. On the other hand, the Dutchman, who is on the verge of being fired, sees things somewhat differently.

“We managed to find a balance, and the results were evident in October of November – when we held the first place in the league. Then we crashed in the Champions League, which was a big blow for us, and that feeling is still bothering us. But if we exclude December, we can say that we had a very good year, ” said Van Gaal.

After a few comic and traumatic matches in a row, United played a little better in the duel with Chelsea but still lost at the end. Even though they had a greater possession percentage, they did not know what to do with it.

“We had a lot of matches like this one against Chelsea. Also, the way we use to begin our matches makes us a dominant team. That was also the case against Chelsea – at the same time we were under pressure but still able to play the style that we wanted. As far as the criticism is concerned, I had bad periods in all clubs that I managed, but I must point out that the fans here in Manchester are the best. First of all because of the way they support us this despite this bad situation, applauding after each match, and that’s great,” said Van Gaal.

Manchester United will have the opportunity to get the first win in 2016 on Saturday against Swansea City.

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