The super duper way too early article on NCAAF for 2016


Okay so by now all the College football pundits have already written who they think will be the top 25 teams for 2016. How? You may ask, do they know who will be good this year when a team hasn’t even fully been assembled nor has a practice begun for the new league-year team? Well below I have derived a super high tech formula for your little minds to ponder:

2016 power predictions

I have come to the conclusion at this point that the major Sports Networks and reporting sites have been bribed handsomely by the Big Ten and PAC 12. Actually I am able to say it makes perfect sense. If you look at basically the only Podcast on NCAAF – Championship Drive you have a bunch of so called pundits -all from Big Ten schools- and one or two from Tennessee. In fact, the longtime ACC Pundit and so called Subject Matter Expert of the conference is Heather Dinich, who attended the ACC school of…Indiana University?!?

But I digress.

Miami Dbag

—-Click Image Above to See What Other Conferences need to do to be recognized!—-

What to expect this year by conference in a short little readable format:

ACC- Expect Clemson and Florida State to do well, with some progress at the University of Miami with their new coach Mark Richt (especially if University heads give him a little help).

Big Ten- Who cares…. I mean Michigan should be good and Ohio State may be pretty good since they don’t typically play anyone and well Michigan State will be solid but they will be missing some key players.

SEC- The conference that always gives good football will be more of the same. Top few teams will be jockeying for power minus Georgia then sprinkle in a little UF.

PAC 12- Stanford and Washington should dominate and I expect a lackluster Oregon this year.

Big 12 or 10 or whatever you call it- I think Baylor and Oklahoma will still rip through the conference however a decent resurgence from Texas should be expected.

This is my pre-preview for the 2016 NCAAF football season. Check back with this post throughout the month to see team by team Conference breakdowns. (For internet dummies click the Conference name or picture to be redirected.)






b1gBig Ten





big12Big Twelve















non power5Non Power Five



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