The NFL in Review, Week 2

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Week 2 was a dandy in the NFL and was packed full of everything you can imagine: Close battles, blowouts at home and broken bones. Which NFL powerhouse started out 0-2? Which team keeps on winning even without its two biggest stars? In this league, every week brings surprises, so let’s get down to it.


Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs

This was a game that Kansas City should have won, but they did everything they could to hand it to Denver. You would have thought they were trying to lose, it was uncanny. A couple of costly turnovers down the stretch in the 4th quarter gave Manning and the Broncos a 31-24 victory.


New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

Rex Ryan did an awful lot of talking and Tom Brady did an awful lot of throwing – and scoring. Brady and the Patriot offense throttled Buffalo for 40 points and a win in Orchard Park, 40-32. Rex suggested that next time he won’t do so much talking during the week… And maybe money will finally start growing on trees.


Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans

Super Cam is at it again. If you haven’t yet, find Cam Newton’s front flip touchdown online and watch it. It will make your week – it did for Carolina. Ryan Mallett couldn’t quite complete the game-tying drive in the final seconds and Carolina held on to win, 24-17.


Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears

This game had all the makings of a shootout – except Jay Cutler went down and became a blowout. Carson Palmer picked a porous Bears’ secondary apart and threw for 4 touchdowns. Larry Fitzgerald was the main benefactor, scoring 3 times and racking up well over 100 yards. The Bears looked a lot more like cubs in this one, Cardinals win, 48-23.


Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers

Dandy Andy Dalton and the Bengals were pummelled by the Chargers in the playoffs the last time these two teams played. But Sunday, Andy got his revenge. The Bengals returned the favor as Gio Bernard came off the bench for 100+ yards rushing to put San Diego away. The Chargers had a shot but couldn’t get out of their own way on their final drive and fell, 24-19.


Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans

Manziel and Mariota went toe to toe this weekend in a battle of two scrappy, little quarterbacks trying to make their way in the league. Super Mario-ta came back to Earth after his 4 score performance last week, but was still very solid. Just not solid enough to beat Johnny Manziel and Travis Benjamin. The elusive and explosive duo led Cleveland to a 28-14 win.


Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions

I’m pretty sure the Lions STILL haven’t tackled Adrian Peterson. All Day was able to rack up 192 total yards on the Lions this week and while it wasn’t a blowout, it wasn’t exactly pretty for Detroit. Vikings win easy, 26-16.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints

You know this contest was dominated by a quarterback, but who it was will surprise you. Drew Brees struggled all day against the soft Tampa defense and Famous Jameis looked like an old pro. Winston threw for one touchdown and ran for another, leading Tampa Bay to a 26-19 win.


New York Giants vs. Atlanta Falcons

Different week, same result. New York played well for 3 straight quarters. And then undid everything they’d worked for in the 4th. Going into the 4th up by 10, the Giants were shut out while allowing 2 touchdowns to the Falcons. Even with a chance on their final drive, the Giants faltered, giving Atlanta the 24-20 win.


San Francisco 49ers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

This one was over by halftime. Pittsburgh absolutely roasted the 49er defense on Sunday. The Roethlisberger-Antonio Brown combination was unstoppable as Ben threw for 3 scores, all to Brown, and Brown had nearly 200 receiving yards. Kaepernick made a nice effort, but it wasn’t enough. San Fran fell to Pittsburgh, 43-18.


St. Louis Rams vs. Washington Redskins

Bet this one didn’t go the way you expected. Coming off a big win over the Seahawks, the Rams had major trouble stopping runningbacks not named Marshawn Lynch. Washington ran for 182 yards and on to a very easy 24-10 win over the Rams.


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami Dolphins

Continuing the theme of a very weird Week 2, this one came down to the wire. Allen Robinson made himself known to the Dolphins and the world after pulling in 6 catches for 166 yards and 2 scores. Miami just couldn’t keep up and was unable to respond after Jacksonville kicked a late field goal to go up by 3 and eventually win, 23-20.


Baltimore Ravens vs. Oakland Raiders

Not your regular offensive juggernauts, but these two combined for over 700 passing yards this weekend. Derek (not David) Carr tossed 3 touchdowns and led the game-winning drive after a personal foul took away a would-be Ravens interception. Raiders win, 37-33.


Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This one was ugly. Full of injuries, undisciplined play and downright bad football, I feel bad for anyone who paid to be at this game. Ultimately, Romo went down with a broken collarbone but the Cowboys held on to win because Philly just can’t play football right now. Cowboys win (by default?) 20-10.


Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers

A great early season matchup on the not-so-frozen tundra. The Seahawks defense played well but the offense struggled again, only posting 17 points Sunday night. Unfortunately for Seattle, Aaron Rodgers did not struggle – even after Eddie Lacy got hurt. Pack wins, 27-17.


New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

If it didn’t say “Luck” on the back of his jersey, you would not have known who was playing QB for Indy on Monday night. Luck struggled mightily against the revamped Jets defense as he threw 3 interceptions and fumbled away another possession. New York dominated from wire to wire, winning 20-7.


Well. That was a wacky Week 2 in the NFL – hopefully you didn’t have anything on the line as it probably didn’t play out like you thought it would. Lucky for us, Week 3 is only a few days away.

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