The Importance of a Good Winger in Soccer


Football or Soccer is a game that requires teamwork, strategy, skill, fitness and endurance. All over the world, it is known as a beautiful game. Each player in a team has a role. While there are that are considered more worthy than others, there is no doubt that one of the most important roles on a football team is that of a winger.

Wingers might not see much of the ball, but they are still a threat. Wingers stay wide of the pitch, which gives them more room to move outside and cross or pass the ball in towards the attackers. A good winger can create 100s of chances in one season.

Wingers Aren’t Easy to Mark

Most managers and even players in the field find wingers very hard to mark. Good defenders can intercept passes made by mid-fielders to wingers to shut down wing play, but that doesn’t work all the time.

When passes made to wingers are successful, that means they can help their team keep possession of the ball. If the mid-field is being pressed too hard, wingers can come in handy. A simple pass to a winger can change the point of attack and force the defenders to try to shut down wide areas of the pitch. This opens up attack opportunities in the middle.

Wingers have all the time in the world to pass the ball back to open defenders to start an attack from scratch. They can also come in to fight for ball possession from the side. When this happens, a mid-fielder or a forward is usually forced to change direction or pass the ball to an open player. Some good wingers are also great at slide tackling, as they can simply run in and execute the move to stop an attacker.

Good Winger Take Home a Bag Full of Assists

A good winger is a football artist. A perfectly executed cross is a treat to watch. Wingers can get to the side of the penalty box easily and cross the ball effectively.

Although getting a cross through is easy for most wingers, most good defenders can feel a cross coming and mark attackers easily. Attackers need to be smart to be able to beat defenders and avoid falling into an off-side trap. A good winger needs a good attacker, who knows how to position himself well and make effective runs into the box.

Great players like Zidane, Scholes and Gerrard are very effective at passing the ball to the wingers at the right time. Great attackers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Van Nistlerooy and Ibrahimovic are great at making runs towards the box to take advantage of crosses. A well timed cross with a well timed run from an attacker usually results in an awesome goal. Many wingers in the past have produced crosses and assists that expert players still watch to learn from.

Even a Winger Has Weaknesses

Because they play wide, a winger is very easy to close down. They can usually only go forward or backwards. Going sideways is not the best option for them.

Good defenders can close down winger quickly or double them to really limit their movement. Good defenders can also use the offside trap to completely stop attackers from making runs into the box.

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