Real Madrid annihilated by Barcelona


The first El Classico saw Barcelona totally outclassing Real Madrid by winning 4-0. Real Madrid and Barcelona are considered the best teams of the world, and the traditional El Classico is ‘The Football Event’. It was a very sad day for the Real Madrid home fans, who saw their team crumble against a very determined and well organized Barcelona side.

We could hear plenty of boos from the home team throughout the contest. Even the commentators pointed out that an elite team like Real Madrid should never have been outclassed like this. The Real Madrid defenders did a very poor job considering that some of them are the worlds best; even though it is true that Real was up against probably the best attack in the world which consists of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

The Real Defense

For the first few minutes of the first half, we saw Barcelona dominate the ball. Their co-ordination was perfect and they were not wasting passes. The main thing that surprised most football fans during that time was the fact that the Madrid players were not pressing!

Because Barcelona had total ball control, they could dictate the play. It didn’t take long for them to find holes in the defense, and their powerful midfield made full use of through balls to create some very good chances. Even in the box, the Madrid defenders were not going for any serious challenges or closing the gaps. It didn’t take long for a through ball to reach Suarez and he took full advantage of it by putting the ball at the back of the net clinically(1-0).

The problem was that Madrid weren’t getting the ball into any dangerous areas to make up for their poor defense. James Rodriguez did hit the target once, but failed to clear the keeper soon after Barca scored the first goal. The sloppy Real Madrid defense again received a critical blow, when a through ball reached Neymar inside the Madrid box. Neymar only had to tap the ball into the net(2-0).

Second Half Misery

Going down 2-0 in the 1st half should have put the Madrid players on Afterburner mode! It is sad that their defense still looked very disorganized and lazy as the half progressed. Barca created a few more chances and made the Madrid defenders look like amateurs.

An Iniesta and Neymar 1-2 in the 53rd minute saw Iniesta score by launching the ball to the left of the keeper. The ball was very well struck. It just shows the class and team chemistry of the Barca players(3-0).

Not soon after, a looping through ball reached Suarez and he scored a very simple goal, being one on one with the keeper(4-0). Even though Madrid created a few chances during the second half, none of their attacks were a real threat. Most the attempt on goals were saved easily by the keeper.

Without Messi

Messi made a return to the pitch as a substitute for Iniesta. Most fans will agree that Barca did a fantastic job even without Messi. In fact, Messi’s absence made no difference in the overall performance of the Barca side.

All things considered, Barca totally deserved to win. Real Madrid was horrible that day, and they must improve their defense if they want to win in the next El Classico.

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