Paul Scholes: Manchester United Play Negative

Paul Scholes: Manchester United play negative football
Paul Scholes: Manchester United play negative football

One of the most recognizable football legends, Paul Scholes, said that the players of the ‘Red Devils’ as well as the manager, Louis van Gaal, look like they are “bored”. On Saturday, United barely beat Sheffield United 1:0 in the third round of the FA Cup, and the only goal was scored by Wayne Rooney from a penalty in injury time.

This was the tenth game in a row that Manchester United failed to score in the first half. In addition, in the last ten matches at home, United’s players have scored 12 goals and are currently fifth in the Premier League.

“It seems that at Manchester United there is acceptance of bad games. Every time you come to ‘Old Trafford’ all you see is more negative football, “said the legendary midfielder, Paul Scholes. “The players look like they are bored. There is no team spirit, no one tries to have fun, no one is laughing. I think that even Van Gaal looks like he is bored, but when he appears on the press conference, he says he is happy. I just don’t see anyone being happy – the manager, the players or fans. People sometimes have to wake up and try to change some things. ”

Thanks to Rooney’s goal from the penalty spot United avoided a rematch in the FA Cup, but Scholes points out that what was presented on Saturday against Sheffield United by his former club is unacceptable.

“They did not create a single chance against the opponent that is two tiers lower, from the League 1, and won only thanks to a penalty shot in the 94th minute. In my eyes, this is not enough,” said Scholes, who played 718 games for the ‘Red Devils’.

The manager, Van Gaal, has defended his team.

“It’s hard to play against a team that has ten or 11 players behind the ball. It is easier to defend than attack. In the end, we have won thanks to the penalty, but we deserved it. We won and that’s what matters.

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