Rio Olympics: U.S.A. leads medal count

Rio Olympics medal count

After the first weekend of the Rio Olympics, the United States is leading the world in bling. Their twelve total medals tops China’s eight and doubles Australia’s six.

Russia, coming off of a major doping scandal, has five medals.  They must be wondering how they could be faring if only they had played by the rules. Having more than 150 athletes banned is assuredly going to damage their medal count, to say nothing of their reputation.

The word in the interwebs is that interest is not as high for this particular Olympics. The top trending hashtag on twitter,  #GoldinUS, tells a different story. So far the Olympics has provided its fair share of story lines, drama, and memorable moments.

World records are falling, athletes are being injured, heart broken, or realizing the pinnacle of their careers.

Here is the latest medal count:

Rio Olympics medal count

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