Neymar in Real Madrid?

Neymar in Real Madrid?
Neymar in Real Madrid?

The Spanish media have speculated that Real Madrid contacted the Brazilian at a time when he is negotiating about signing a new, more lucrative contract with his current club, Barcelona.

“I see no reason for Neymar to leave Barcelona. I do not know whether Real offered him anything or not, but it is certain that all football fans like Neymar. I’m not worried, it seems to me that he’s happy here, he won trophies and joined the race for the Ballon d’Or. He is happy when he plays, there is no reason for him to go,” said Jordi Mestre, Vice-president of Barcelona FC.

Neymar came to Barcelona in 2013, having previously played for Santos.

He also said that during the winter transfer period, they are only interested in Celta’s 29-year-old left winger, Nolito.

“We intend to try to strengthen the technical side of our team, but in the case of Nolito, if Celta management does not change their position, we will not rush to sign him,” said Mestre.

However, one of Neymar does not hide that he is impressed with Guardiola, ex-manager of Barcelona, who went to Bayern Munich just weeks before Neymar had arrived. Now, it is speculated that Guardiola will move this summer from Germany to English Premier League.

“I really admire Guardiola and I’d love to work with him,” said Neymar to the official Red Bull website.

More and more clubs are interested bringing in Neymar, especially in England, after what he had shown playing together with Suarez and Messi this year.

“It’s hard to say whether I want to play in other countries. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but I’m very happy here in Barcelona. I would love one day to go back to Brazil, and it is my desire to play in the US before the end of my career. Football develops very quickly there and attracts the interest of a growing number of players who are becoming increasingly popular. I’m curious how it looks, I’d love to see it up close.”


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