New York Yankee, Chapman, Suspended

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Aroldis Chapman has not been with the New York Yankees long but he is already in the headlines – just not in the good way the Yankees were hoping. Rob Manfred delivered Aroldis Chapman a 30-game suspension for allegedly choking his girlfriend and firing his handgun in the same night.

Ever since the news broke out of the alleged crimes, Chapman has denied them consistently, saying he “did not in any way harm his girlfriend.”  One thing that is surprising about all of this, however, is that Chapman accepted the suspension and does not plan to appeal it either. For someone that claims to be innocent and that did not do anything wrong, one would think he would appeal the penalty given to him.

One way to look at this, as well, is to look at Rob Manfred sending a message to the rest of the league. Ruling on this would have been difficult for anyone. In the new Joint Policy on Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse, it states that the commissioner cannot use past precedents to rule on current cases. Although it is nice to see that a commissioner of a league is going to handle things swiftly and sternly, instead of allowing things to get out of hand like what happened these past couple of years with the NFL and their domestic abuse cases.

Unfortunately for Chapman, this 30-game suspension starts on Opening Day and he will lose $1,856, 557 of his $11,325,000 salary. The little good news is that he can still compete in the preseason and practice with the Yankees.

I hope Chapman is able to move on from this and not get mixed up in something as terrible as domestic abuse again. He is a great pitcher, with a cannon for an arm, and a talent that has not peaked yet.

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