Modrić saved Real Madrid in Granada

Modrić saved Real Madrid in Granada
Modrić saved Real Madrid in Granada

After much uncertainty, Real Madrid beat Granada 2:1 at home in the last match of 23rd round of La Liga.

Zinedine Zidane’s team got to their first victory since his arrival on the bench. Real Madrid is now third in the standings with 50 points, one less than Athletico Madrid and three less than their fierce rivals, Barcelona.

Real Madrid was in a lot of trouble playing against Granada, one of the relegation candidates. But the Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric saved the day just five minutes before the end, with a great shot that brought victory to his team.

Until that point, Real Madrid was absolutely equal with the away team, and it looked like the game would end up in a draw, which would help Grenada a lot to stay in the top Spanish league.

Madrid scored the first goal after 30 minutes. A few mistakes were made by Granada’s defense. Modrić passed to Carvajal, then the ball went to Benzema who scored without any problems.

From that point on, Granada started to play a lot more offensive and managed to equalize after 60 minutes. El Arabi scored after Roca’s assistance, but everything was preceded by the referee’s positioning mistake resulting in Modric losing the ball which lead to the equalizer.

However, by the end of the match, Real Madrid managed to score another goal for the victory and brought another three points. This was his second goal of the season.

Real Madrid’s captain, Sergio Ramos, said that Luka Modric is one of the key players of the ‘Royal Club’.

“This goal will just make him more visible, but he is a very important part of the team – he doesn’t stand out, but he is the backbone of the team,” said Ramos.

Real Madrid’s centre-back is relieved that his team did not lose points.

“We had a chance to close this match early on, but we did not do this, then everything became more difficult. People think that at home we must always push to dominate. We need to constantly move forward,” said Ramos.

Real is third in the standings and lagging four points behind Barcelona.

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