Fitness Supplements you’ve never heard of, but should’ve

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If you don’t know it by now there are a gazillion (technical term) fitness supplements on the market. And guess what, they all claim they are the best. This should not be a shocking revelation to anyone. The truth is if you step away from the big national brands and search for unique and interesting brands with killer ingredients you will greatly benefit from the search. I have been scouring the inter-webs for products that I can recommend without really being an expert and can give you my opinion with little research substantiating my claims just a good ol’ fashioned college try of these products. Here is my list of top 5 products you should give a shot because I said so. Yes, that random guy online.


1.)ForzaPro FORZA ONE- FORZA PRO protein. The name is a bit long and redundant, but hey so is the ingredient list (long not redundant or I wouldn’t recommend it). This protein is great for many reasons, one I don’t get the super gassy protein guts, two it hammers you with like 7 types of proteins for 60 grams of a clean tasting easy mix protein for a two scoop serving and lastly the price is not outrageous. I think you can only get it at Nutrishop.





orangezest2.)Bio Rhythm- Afterglow protein. This is another weird name for a product, but I think its what happens when you leave the box chain stores. This protein is great for a pick me up after a workout session. The protein gives you back the glucose after a hard workout and makes you feel not drained after an intense workout. This is great for the people who workout entirely too long in the gym, or enjoy a post workout run. You can get this on Amazon for a good penny, protein content is not high and also has a funky taste, presumably because its also infusing you with energy sources for your depleted muscles.



surge workout3.) Biotest- Surge Workout Fuel- This product when mixed with your preworkout drink seems to be very effective in inducing huge muscles for the ladies at the gym. I notice that I tend to stare at myself in the mirror like Narcissus in a pool of water. It truly makes for a more intense and gratifying workout experience. Does it work in the long run? Not sure but heck give it a shot, can’t be worse than the other drool you’ve be guzzling. You can purchase this at Biotest.




Nsane4.) Cell Shock- N’sane- This product knocked my socks off. This pre-workout drink gave me so much energy I was like a kid in a candy store. I was going bonkers. Well when I calmed down I hit the gym and lifted with more enthusiasm than usual. I would say that they put the perfect amount of varying ingredients in this one. Oh and the pump up was solid and lasting. You can get this one at Nutrishop as well.




m1d5.) LG Sciences- M1D Andro- Okay so this one is a definite – I don’t know. I mean did I check levels of testosterone or whatever…no, but I can tell you about my experience. I felt more energy in the gym and work. It could have been psychologically induced. But either way it works… So this one you’ll have to see how your body takes it, but it seems like it assists in the gym in some manner. Get this at LG SCIENCES.



Well this article is just to inform you that just because you see the local GNC’s doesn’t mean you have to go there and settle for whatever products they have on the shelves. Google around, shop online, and see what is there outside the box stores. You might just be amazed at the nutritional supplements that you cant find at your local mall or right next to your grocery store.

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