Boxing Tips – The Straight Power Punch


Power punches are effective! They are extremely effective if landed cleanly! Whenever you land a power punch on your opponent, you are basically hitting his/her brain. Imagine the soft organ colliding with a hard skull. It sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? A well placed straight power punch will send your opponent to the canvas, or at least daze him/her.
If you are an orthodox boxer, your straight power punch will be your right straight and vice versa if you are southpaw. Doesn’t matter what your stance is, there are few important things to keep in mind before launching the straight power punch. The power punch is by no means a safe punch, as you are pretty much vulnerable to a counter hook or uppercut from underneath your arms. Your opponent can even land a few very powerful body shots by the time you get your hand back. If you opponent manages to move out of the way of the punch, you can expect some hard shots from him/her almost immediately.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
1. Set up using a jab
The jab is very useful to setup almost all power punches. However, the one-two combo is one of the most basic combos that a boxer learns. This combo is actually very effective in a fight if a person learns how to use it. Even if your punches do not land or if you are simply hitting air, throwing one-two combos will at least help you find the right range for your power straight. The jab can even open a gap in between your opponents gloves which will help you land the power straight easily.
2. Lead power straight
You can catch you opponent off-guard by landing a lead power straight off rhythm. This punch needs to be very straight though. Do not confuse the power straight with the cross. The lead power straight should be like a laser guided missile. Your opponent will simply get confused when you throw a lead power straight and hopefully, not be able to block it.
3. Throw and perform an evasive maneuver
Do not let your straight power punch let you go straight into your opponents punch. Instead, perform an evasive maneuver like a slip or a duck. Rolling is very effective if done at the right time. You can even follow through and pivot out of harm’s way, but that is a very difficult skill to master. Pivoting will ensure that you get completely out of range for a counter.
4. Straight power punch counter
The straight power punch can be thrown as a counter. It will land 50% of the time if you make your opponent miss you and then throw if he is still in range. It is a very effective counter for the power cross and uppercut.
5. Aim for the nose
If a straight power punch lands on the nose, it will most definitely snap your opponents head back. This will give you enough time to land some more powerful punches. Always try to hit the nose.

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