Why Brexit is not such a bad thing


The Brexit can be a good thing after all?

With any political change comes great speculation, and with speculation comes panic. Markets tend to overreact when things are uncertain. But like all seismic shifts, it’s typically not the event that causes heartache. It is typically the moves made after uncertainty that causes bad things to happen. But as they say ” Sometimes you need to make lemonade out of lemons.”

So how can the Brexit benefit the UK?

Simply put they need to use their position geographically and politically to unite the European Union and the United States. They can do this by making the UK the Free Trade Zone for two huge economic bloc’s. There have been major stumbling blocks for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the proposed Free Trade agreement between the EU and US. Most notably the United States and the European Union’s protectionist attitude on very specific items.


So how can the United Kingdom assist in this?

This is simpler than you can imagine. Instead of a cumbersome 1200 page treaty allowing free trade and specific protections on small industries or specific segments of Intellectual property rights, all other goods could be traded freely through the UK. The UK would act as a conduit for trade between the two economic giants. The United Kingdom would increase its political clout between the two trading partners and would be essential in the partnership. And the UK would benefit from all the extra trade passing through its borders and the job creation would be substantial.

What would need to happen?

The United Kingdom would need an aggressive leadership that is pro-trade and pro-Europe. The next leaders need to look at the Brexit as a positive thing and not a negative issue caused by the xenophobes in their society. They need to loosen regulations and encourage foreign investment. Additionally and counterintuitively they need to expand immigration reform and create new visa’s for European and US traders to conduct business freely.



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