Bang ! Bang! Bang! The female forces attack again to break the stereotype of men going to work and ladies babysitting the kids.

Trending since the last two decades is the switch in the roles of the sole breadwinner and the homemaker. The terms that are raising eyebrows is “Stay at home Dad”, “House husband”, “House spouse” etc.

Though dads started taking charge of mum’s empires long ago after the second world war, it wasn’t socially accepted. Nowadays, in western countries like America, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc the concept is being welcomed with open arms since the late 21st century. However “house daddies” are still struggling to be respected and accepted by societes in Asian countries like India and even in Australia.

The good news is that the statistics released by Pew Research revealed 2 million men to be staying at home with the kids while mommies in these homes are working for living (June 2014).

The transformations in the thinking that women can also be the backbone of the family is doing wonders. In cases where the female partner earns a handsome salary it’s wiser and logical to let the former do the job. The later can look after the kids considering the higher cost of childcare facilities. Even at some job places, women employees are given more medical benefits or retirement benefits than the male employees – making it a sensible decision of letting the lady of the house work.


Many movies and television series like Mr. Mom(1983), House husband (2011) etc represent the concept. The wind is changing its direction and soon it will be acceptable in all corners of the world.

Like two sides of the coin, being a stay-at-home dad comes with its own pros and cons. Benefits include a strong bond with the children and playing a key role in their mental and physical development. Even research reveals kids that gain a lot of attention from their fathers in their early childhood are grow as strong personality type individuals. The research explains that where mums develop a bond more apt to console crying kids with love and cuddles, dads let them cry out their pain and then encourage them to overcome it. This helps them discover their individuality.

The down side of being a house husband can be in the form of mental challenges. These include accepting the status of the female partner as the breadwinner and sometimes the sole decision maker. He must also try to be unaffected by the raised eyebrows and harsh comments of society’s baser elements.

At least now, there are more acceptable choices for families. Whatever works best, go for it!

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