Fitness Food: A scam?

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Boy o’ boy, fitness is really the thing these days! Fitness is not only linked to health; it is also linked to a person’s overall appearance. For women, it is all about being sexy by keeping a small waist and good curves. For men, it is all about carrying a nice chunk of muscle and broad shoulders that will attract good looking women. Due to the rise in popularity of fitness, we now have fitness foods!

Your local supermarket will be loaded with fitness foods! Things like vitamin water, protein bars, sports drinks, performance drinks and energy drinks are all fitness foods. Some foods are labeled ‘Low Fat’, ‘Gluten Free’ and ‘100% Organic.

These labels and foods are nothing more than part of a huge marketing strategy. These marketers are not really targeting fitness fanatics though. In fact, they are targeting anybody who wants to stay fit or is looking to get fit. Most fitness fanatics usually have personal trainers, and they only eat what they recommend. That is why fitness fanatics are usually safe from fitness foods!

Wait! Does that mean fitness foods are dangerous?

Well, they are not exactly dangerous but they are not what they claim to be. There is no such thing as a fitness food and there is nothing that will keep you fit if you don’t exercise regularly. It hasn’t been scientifically proven that eating fitness foods will help you stay fit.

We don’t even need science or any study to explain this, although there have been numerous studies in the past related to this subject. We only need to use our common sense! The body breaks down the food that you eat and uses the nutrients from this process to keep you alive. A certain organ may require certain vitamins or minerals, but the body does require sugars as they are the number one source of energy for it. Sugar is broken down by the body to produce energy!

The problem is very simple! The energy that the body does not require is stored for later use. That energy is usually stored in the form of fats. Fats are the major problem and fitness fanatics are the people who work hard to burn body fat. Body fat burns to form muscles, which is why most fitness fanatics will have lean muscles or big muscles. The type of muscles you develop is a result of the kind of workout that you are doing.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that most people believe the fitness foods are enough to keep one fit. That is 100% wrong! If you want to stay fit, you must exercise regularly. There is no alternative.

Some people might even get lazier and exercise less after eating fitness foods, as they believe that they need to train less because they are eating healthy. The end result is not good! They train less and then start gaining weight.

So if you thought that fitness foods are enough to keep you fit, think again. Qualified fitness trainers will never recommend fitness foods. Now you know why!

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