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Most people do not look after their fitness due to the regular burdens of work. Those who are serious about fitness still manage to somehow take out at least an hour or two for exercise. The real fanatics go for fitness programs.

So what do the people who do not have time to spare for exercise do? They look for alternatives that science can provide. Our world is full of gadgets that can help us achieve at least some of our fitness goals. Then we have the internet, which we can use to find a diet program or an exercise program that can suit our schedule. But most free workout programs on the internet may or may not work for you, as you can’t really measure how effective a particular program is for your body. Then there is the option of hiring an online fitness trainer. As most modern people spend a small amount of time each day with their PCs, laptops or tablets, an online trainer can guide you and give you an exercise program that will be most effective.

Apple, Fitbit and Jawbone are some of the big names that have taken notice of the wearable fitness gadget trend, which is bound to increase as more gadgets are released. Some fitness gadgets can be worn at any time and most of them can help you tone your body. So today, we take a look at the new fitness app and fitness belt released by Slendertone.

Slendertone Connect Abs

The fitness belt is called the Connect Abs. Although the application is free to download and is designed for iPhone, the belt itself will cost you around $200. Although there are many toning belts in the market today, Slendertone is known for producing great products. The belt connects to the app via Bluetooth.

It is obvious that Slendertone was targeting the folks that do not get time to follow fitness programs or diet programs. The app is basically a virtual fitness trainer, but one that gives you details about your progress. You will not need an online fitness trainer because the app will do most of a trainer’s job.

The app will let you create fitness goals and alerts. As you will always be alerted about the goals, you will automatically avoid eating or drinking foods that can get in the way of your goals. Being reminded about your fitness goals again and again will help you achieve them.

The belt itself is very good for people looking for muscle definition. It is great for women that are looking to get back their muscle definition that they lost during pregnancy. Using the belt will store data in your iPhone. It will then give you some weekly reports of how far or near you are to your goal.

Slendertone stated that using the belt for 30 minutes is equal to 202 sit-ups. This means that the belt will help you develop core muscle strength. To find out more about the Connect Abs, we will have to wait until user reviews pop up. Until then, it is worth keeping an eye on.

Slendertone Connect Abs

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