The Worst Exercise Excuses


Are your excuses getting in the way of your fitness goals? Fitness goals are hard to achieve if you let your excuses get in the way! Your excuses come to you and say, “It’s alright to not train today.” Instead of training, you start making excuses and spend your time making more excuses! So what are the common exercise excuses a person can make? Let’s take a look!

  1. Late working hours are not letting me exercise

Well, it is true that most workout routines last around an hour. This doesn’t mean that you do not exercise at all if you are working late! You don’t need to train for an hour or 30 minutes at all. Just do some interval exercises, break some sweat and stress your muscles. Even a 10 minute sweat session is enough to keep your body active. Use your surroundings and perform pushups, burpees, mountain climbers, leg scissors, squat jumps and lunges. Perform each for 45 second with a 15 second rest in between.

  1. Raining outside

You do not need to work outdoors anymore because you can purchase indoor equipment. Buy a few weights or a treadmill to prepare yourself for rainy days.

  1. I missed a session this week. Let’s start again next week

Just because you skipped a few workout sessions doesn’t mean that you should think about skipping the whole week. This kind of mentality will never let you get things done! Just do it! Just don’t think about next week or tomorrow. Think about today! Today is another chance for you to move a step closer to your fitness goals. Keep that in mind.

  1. Diet plans can help me achieve my fitness goals

There is no doubt that a diet plan is required to achieve fitness goals faster. This does not mean that you can achieve your fitness goals by following a strict diet plan only. Diet plans help you get nutrients that your body requires for fast muscle repair. They are designed to help you train harder while minimizing the chance of injury. Don’t ever rely on a diet plan alone. A regular workout routine is extremely necessary.

  1. I don’t look good in my workout gear, so I shouldn’t go to the gym

If you do not go to the gym due to fear of looking bad, you will not be able to work towards getting a sexy body. Don’t think about how you look! Instead, think about how you will look like once you achieve your fitness goals. Think positive and don’t let your fears about looking bad get in your way!

  1. I drank too much and am too hungover now!

It is best not to exercise strenuously if you are hungover. You can still minimize some of the damage by walking or jogging a bit to keep your body active and prepare for the next day.

  1. I feel tired/sick

If you want to skip exercise because you are tired or sick, then do it. It is alright to rest once in a while! The reason should be pretty strong however. No need to over stress your muscles, otherwise you may end up getting injured.

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