PiYo: The Fitness Rage

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It isn’t difficult to find free fitness programs on the internet these days. Most of the good ones are not free, but don’t carry a large price tag either. If you want to get fit fast, you may want to go for the new PiYo fitness program, which combines pilates and yoga and places them into one very intense program.

This new program is quickly gaining popularity among fitness fanatics. The intense exercise has taken the best out of the best. You can’t be a true fitness fanatic unless you give this extremely hard workout program a try! Why you ask? It is because it will work almost all your muscles and especially you heart. It is inspired by Insanity, which is a totally insane workout program for totally insane fitness fanatics. Take that insanity to a whole new level, and you get PiYo.

Cardio Training in PiYo

PiYo focuses a lot on cardio, even if it isn’t mentioned directly. Almost all high intensity interval exercises work your heart. It isn’t uncommon for workout programs to contain a cardio section, but trust me, PiYo will really put your heart to the test.

There is a power section which will combine high intensity exercise with low intensity exercise. This will get your heart beat flying. The weird part is that there are no breaks!

So what are the benefits of training via cardio? Well, let’s put it this way! Your heart is responsible for pumping blood and your blood carries oxygen. The better and more efficiently it pumps, the better the transport of oxygen to your organs! Having a great cardio will help you go through your daily routine without getting physically tired. It will also help you in sports, especially anaerobic sports like boxing and MMA. Cardio exercises will also help clear your blood vessels and prevent blockage. This will reduce the risk of heart disease. Do keep in mind that cardio exercises are not for people who have a weak heart. It is best to consult your doctor before doing any such activity.

Body-weight training in PiYo

Lifting weights is awesome, but often results in injury. If you sustain an injury, you will not be able to train. Fortunately, PiYo doesn’t use any weights! You use your own body weight to train which reduces the risk of injury.

Bodyweight training is already gaining popularity for the last couple of years now. This is mainly due to the fact that most people do not wish to purchase a bunch of weights for their fitness programs and prefer going for programs that do not make use of them.

Body-weight training helps you develop lean muscle which look great and are useful. Lean muscles are not big, but they are flexible. Lean muscle is great for athletes that require strength as well as a good amount of flexibility.

Before going for PiYo, you may want to head over to some YouTube videos to find out what it is all about. You must remember that PiYo is by no means easy, so you may want to consult a fitness trainer to understand it better.

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