Fitness World – Lessons From 2015


2015 was a great year for fitness seekers. We found out a lot about how fitness can help one get through his/her daily routine without breaking a sweat (see what I did there?). We also learned about how fitness technology has evolved and how easy it is to keep track of our fitness goals.

Fitness goals are by no means easy to achieve, and keeping yourself fit is even harder. Here are a few things that we learned in 2015 that may help you make your journey towards fitness goals easier.

  1. Wearable Fitness Tech is the thing

Wearable fitness tech is like a personal trainer on your wrist. Personal trainers are by no means cheap and you may need to give a fixed amount of time to your personal trainer each day. Well, your wearable fitness tech will basically stay with you all day. So you can complete your daily fitness goals without the pressure of having a fixed time for them. Wearable fitness tech also looks cool, and most of them have certain features like satellite navigation and email services which makes them even more useful. Some are loaded with achievement systems which reward you for completing a certain goal.

  1. Manual Treadmills are In

Manual treadmills require more effort and that helps burn calories. They are friendly to the environment as well. Concave treadmills have become a very big part of many high-end gyms. It is rumored that NFL players have reached about 22 mph on these manual machines. Non-manual treadmills allow a maximum speed of only 15 mph.

  1. High Intensity Interval Training is a hit

High intensity interval training workouts usually last only 30 minutes. They are very intense though and are a quick way of burning calories. For most people, these kinds of workouts are easy to put into their daily routine. In 2016, we will most probably see a lot more high intensity interval training workouts on the internet, since they were so popular the previous year.

  1. Stop sitting so much

According to some fitness experts, sitting is the new smoking. We sit at our office desks, sometimes continuously for more than 8 hours. This is extremely bad for our body! This can lead to heart disease, obesity and even colon cancer. Unfortunately, a good workout routine does not cancel out the effects of sitting so much.

  1. Old school body weight training is back

Way before fancy weights and gym equipment was invented, all we had was our own body weight. In 2015, many people found better results in body weight training. You do not need any equipment for body weight training! All you need are the right moves to work your muscles and burn fat. If you rely on body weight training, you also do not need to take time out of your daily routine to go to a gym to achieve your fitness goals.

Considering all this, 2016 will be a great year for those who are looking to get fit. As the year progresses, we will gain more access to workouts and tech. All of this can only make out life easy.

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