Boxing: Get Fit


Sport is good for the human body, as most of them require you to train your muscles and mind to perform well when competing. Even if you do not want to compete, just getting involved in sports will help your body stay active. For most people, boxing has proved to be the best sport for staying fit.

Apart from just keeping you fit, boxing is a form of combat sport which will help you in real life as well. It will teach you how to fight and condition your mind to go through tough situations that may occur in your life. Even if you do not want to compete at any level, the training required just to land a perfect punch is enough to keep you in a great shape.

Boxing Training

Boxing is all about cardio! It is anaerobic, meaning you will be doing explosive exercises. These exercises will help you burn a lot of calories, and develop lean muscles. Lean muscles are very useful as they can help you perform your daily tasks better.

You will be doing a lot of pushups, running, jump-ropes, burpees, squats, and pull-ups. A single 2 minute sparring session will really test your muscles. It will also improve your overall reflexes and improve your mind/body co-ordination.

An important part of boxing is footwork, meaning that you will be working a lot on your legs. Girls like guys with muscular and well built legs. Even walking around the ring or sidestepping requires a lot of energy. Eventually, your leg muscles will grow and will get stronger. Stronger legs mean that you will be able to walk longer and run faster. You will also not get tired if you walk for extremely long periods of time.

Lean muscles can help you carry more weight without feeling tired. They can help you carry your own weight better as well. Think about standing in a queue for a long time. You will need strong legs to help you stand without getting tired. When you are stronger, you will be able to lift more weight -so you will be able to carry out the trash without breaking a sweat.

Additional benefits

When you take a punch to the face, you will feel terrible. You will be in pain! When you get used to getting punched, you will learn how to endure pain. You will also learn how to block punches and defend yourself. It will make you a fighter!

You will learn how to fight, not just in the ring, but in real life as well. You will learn how to tackle problems better and how to answer back! You can also release your frustration and anger on the heavy bag. The heavy bag routine should calm your nerves. It is also important to note that you may actually get involved in club fights, which will get you a small amount of recognition. Girls dig boxers.

Before you start boxing, make sure you get the right gear. A nice headgear, boxing gloves, hand wraps and a mouthpiece is all you require. Make sure you buy a headgear with a lot of padding to keep you safe.

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