12 Simple Nutrition and Fitness Tips


How can one be fit without the proper nutrients required for fitness? Well, the simple answer is that you cannot be fit without the right nutrients! Your muscles require certain nutrients for repair and building. So here are some very simple fitness and nutrition tips that will make your journey to your fitness goals seem like a walk in the park.

  1. Buy what you require at the right time

You can get fruits and vegetables for a cheaper price if you buy them in-season. If you plan your diet according to the season; you will be eating different fruits and vegetables all year around!

  1. Avoid skipping meals

If you skip a meal, you will end up slowing your metabolism down. This can cause you to overeat which is definitely not good for fitness.

  1. Learn what hunger feels like

There is a difference between feeling like you want to eat and actually feeling hungry. If you are under stress, are depressed or are bored, you might want to eat. If you feel like you want to eat, just distract yourself by doing something you like. If you still feel hungry, you should go for some light snacks or a small meal.

  1. Learn how to be full

If you feel hungry, you must eat until you feel that you are full. Once you are done with your meal, try waiting 15-20 minutes before eating anything else to fill up any empty space still left in your stomach. Eventually, you will learn how to eat enough in one meal to completely fill up your stomach while not over filling it.

  1. Avoid party food

Food at parties is usually sweet and loaded with calories. It is best that you eat your healthy meal before going to any party so you can keep your calorie intake at parties very low.

  1. Restaurant off-peak hours

You can go to a restaurant during off-peak hours and place a special order. You can ask them to place more vegetables and less sweet sauces in your meal or customize the meal anyway you please.

  1. The fixed price menus

They usually contain high calorie food. You should avoid them whenever you can.

  1. Photos for inspiration

Get some photos of healthy vegetables and fruits. Hang them around your house, as they will constantly remind you of what you should be doing and your fitness goals.

  1. Water intake

Drink water before every meal. This will fill up your stomach and make sure that you do not eat too much.

  1. The fork trick

If you put your fork down after every bite, you will finish your meal slowly. Because the stomach requires about 20 minutes before telling the brain that it is full, this will help you eat less.

  1. Stop if you are full

Don’t try to be that person who just absolutely has to eat everything off the plate just because he/she paid for it. If you are full, just stop eating.

  1. Eat at your table or kitchen

This will help you avoid eating when watching TV and other such activities. We usually eat high calorie junk food while watching our favorite TV shows. If you make a habit of eating at your dining table or kitchen, you will most probably not eat anywhere else around the house.

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