X-Files Revival


Nostalgia: Hollywood’s go-to instrument for milking the public dry. Maybe, I’d like to think, all those adolescent ne’er-do-well of the 90’s suddenly obtained the right amount of clout and are now big kahunas at production companies. They’re having constant nerd-gasms at the power they can now wield. They’re making fan-fiction and dreams into a reality. Reviving those bygone series that so touched their souls has become the standard.

Twin Peaks; Heroes; 24; Evil Dead; The Muppets

The wide-eyed doe in me would like to embrace that lofty concept, but it’s more likely a marketing ploy in order to hoover dry our bank accounts. The reality is simply that the big machine has found a surefire way of fleecing our pockets, and if that means getting Mulder and Scully back on the small screen, I can only say one thing: “Shut up, and take my money!”

We’ve been waiting for this since that dreadful second movie everyone would rather forget. It’s finally here, well, almost here, but at least we get a trailer. January 24th is still a long time away, but Fox is more than willing to start our engines.

The X-Files miniseries will premiere with a two-night special event that starts on Sunday, January 24, 2016, with the direct follow-up episode just the next evening on Monday.

The premise: very hush, hush. The only things we know so far is that Fox will be buttering us up with all our favorite characters; the cast list is a callback to our heydays. Aside from the main FBI agents, we’ll also be treated to Walter Skinner, Cigarette Smoking Man, Monica Reyes, all 3 Lone Gunmen, and newcomer Joel “Community” McHale.

Here’s a small taste; just a snippet to wet our appetite.

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