You can’t open a magazine or turn on the TV without hearing about the lives of celebrities. Taylor Swift is not a celebrity. I mean, TAYLOR SWIFT is, but Taylor Adam Swift, a Seattle based photographer is not.

You’d think it would be cool to be named after one of the most famous people on earth. Photography work would come flooding in and life would be great.

Not so much.

What happens when you Google “Taylor Swift Photography” – I don’t care how good your SEO guy is, you’re still going to have to scroll through thousands of pages before you reach Taylor Adam Swift’s photography website.

Even the simple things, are problematic. How many people do you think email taylorswift@gmail.com on the off chance it’s the Shake It Off Singer? Apparently a lot of people do!!

Even daily life can be a spectacle as Taylor explained to Newsweek:

“Any time someone asks to see my ID—whether at the airport, at the bank, getting a drink—any time someone IDs me, I get the “Oh my god, no way!” One night I was out at a bar and the bartender was freaking out. He was like, “No way, man. I gotta show my manager!” And I was like, “Well, you can show your manager if you give me a free drink.” And I got a free drink out of it.”

And then, of course, you have the crazies of the world:

“I kept getting a FaceTime request and I kept ignoring it. Finally I answered it, and it was this guy laying on his bed with his shirt off. I looked at him and [he] was like, “What’s up, man?” and I was like “You called me” and then he hung up.”

So, there you have it. Life as Taylor Swift is incredible. Life as Taylor Adam Swift seems less so.

Here’s the full story:


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