Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’ film trailer


The new Clint Eastwood film focuses on the events before and after real-life Captain Sully who heroically saved a plane full of people by landing on the water in the Hudson River in 2009.

Tom Hanks stars as Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, the central figure in the real-life ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ which saw Sullenberger pilot his crippled airliner in a controlled descent into the river in 2009, thereby saving the lives of 155 passengers and crew.

The entire crew which also included first officer Jeff Skiles and flight attendants Donna Dent, Sheila Dail and Doreen Welsh – was awarded the Master’s Medal of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, an honor bestowed at a frequency that is very rare.

The film is based on Sullenberger’s book Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters – which tells of how he was heralded as a hero but, behind the scenes, an investigation was being made which could destroy both his reputation and career.

Sully also stars Aaron Eckhart (Olympus Has Fallen, The Dark Knight) as Sully’s co-pilot, Jeff Skiles, and Oscar nominee Laura Linney (The Savages, Kinsey) as Sully’s wife, Lorraine Sullenberger.

“[Hanks] really embodied him, just physically with his hair, and the mustache. He started holding himself straight like Sully did, and his economy of speech, and all of that sort of stuff that really nailed the precision of Captain Sullenberger. It was really impressive,” co-star Aaron Eckhart told People.

Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn and Autumn Reeser (The O.C.Entourage) round out the cast for this polished-looking biopic.

Directed by fellow Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood (American Sniper, Million Dollar Baby), the Sully movie opens in theaters on September 9.

You can watch the trailer below:

“No one warned us. No one said you’re going to lose both engines at a lower altitude than any jet in history,” says Tom Hanks’s voiceover

The first trailer for the film shows Hanks’ mustachioed Sully behind the wheel of the plane as the crash landing unfolds, along with the events of the investigation that followed.

Various probes and tribunals doubted the necessity of the crash-landing and Sully’s competence. According to the trailer, it wasn’t all medals and accolades for Sully, whose career was jeopardized during the investigation of the incident.

“I’ve been in the air for 40 years,” Hanks says in the trailer, referring to Sully’s time in the United States Air Force and piloting for U.S. Airways, “but in the end, I’m gonna be judged on 208 seconds.”

In real-life, less than 3 1/2 minutes elapsed between the Airbus A320’s run-in with the birds and the emergency splash-down.

Hanks’ character admits to being “overwhelmed by all this attention” and starts becoming skeptical of his own actions. “What if I did get this wrong?” he asks. “What if I endangered the lives of all those passengers?”

From Warner Bros Pictures in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, the film is produced by Eastwood, Frank Marshall, Allyn Stewart and Tim Moore, with Kipp Nelson and Bruce Berman serving as executive producers.

Clint Eastwood and cinematographer Tom Stern shot most of Sully on IMAX cameras, which is something of a first.

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